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Younes, Dina , Šteffan, Pavel
Fast and Power Reduced RNS-Based Image Filtering in Spatial Domain

This paper presents a fast and power reduced design for digital image filtering. Contrary to the typical designs for image processing, this one is based on a non-weighted number system, residue number system (RNS). The proposed structure applies a number of spatial filters on ...

Vacula, Patrik , Husák, Miroslav
Waffle MOS channel aspect ratio calculation with Schwarz-Christoffel transformation

The main goal of this work is to describe alternative way of effective channel width to length (W/L) ratio calculation for Waffle MOS structure. Due to non-conventional gate geometry of the Waffle MOS transistor compare to the fingers structure, the channel W/L ratio calc...

Růžička, R. , Šimek, Vilém
More Complex Polymorphic Circuits: A Way to Implementation of Smart Dependable Systems

Today, there are a lot of application areas, where a circuit, which is able to perform different functions in different situations, may be useful. Typically, polymorphic circuits provide very area-efficient implementation and have also embedded and distributed sensing of an environment state...

Kósa, Arpád , Rybár, Jakub , Stuchlíková, Ľubica
Numerical Approach to the Problem of Digital DLTS Measurements Signal analysis

This paper presents a novel approach in the investigation of the parameters of deep energy levels in digital DLTS (Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy) measurements. A DLTS spectra fitting algorithm and by this the calculation of the activation energy capture cross section and the tr...

Rendl, Karel , Macháč, Jan , Steiner, František , Wirth, Václav
Comparison of Rosin Fluxes

This article will present results of activity testing of rosin fluxes. A good solderability of a component output and a soldering pad of PCB are important for the creation of a quality joint. Since it supports a melted solder wetting on a soldered surface, a flux has...

Molata, Vladimír , Kotě, Vlastimil , Jakovenko, Jiří
Capacitor-less Linear Regulator with NMOS Power Transistor

A 3.6 (4.3) V 50 mA capacitor-less linear voltage regulator for system on chip (SoC) is introduced. It does not require any external component and is stable in a wide range of load current. This regulator uses an NMOS transistor as the power element. In order to ...

Mareš, David , Jeřábek, Vítězslav , Prajzler, Václav
Waveguide Bragg Grating Filters Made from Optical Polymers

We report about the planar optical waveguide with a diffraction Bragg grating made in an optical polymer, which exhibits filter function useable for Passive Optical Network Fiber to the Home (PON FTTH) and sensor components. There were designed two topological and technological variants...

Kubař, Miloslav , Jakovenko, Jiří
A Novel Tool for Automated Design of Analog Integrated Circuits

This paper presents a novel optimization tool, which was made for the design of the analog integrated circuits. The proposed tool is based on the robust version of the differential evolution optimization algorithm. Corners of technology, temperature, voltage and current supplies are tak...

Vyroubal, Petr
The Possibility of Capturing Shock Waves by Computer Simulation in Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

Environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) is one of the latest trends in microscopic methods. In this microscope, we can observe various types of specimens, especially non-conductive and wet specimens. This is given by high pressure of gas in the specimen chamber. The evaluation...

Dallaeva, Dinara , Tománek, Pavel
Substrate Preparation for Manufacturing of Aluminum Nitride Layers

Aluminum nitrides layers prepared on sapphire substrates are examined. The substrate surface was treated by dry plasma etching. The morphology of aluminum nitride thin films was studied by atomic force microscopy. Lateral force atomic force microscopy was used to study the morphology he...

Korcsmáros, Gabriel , Moravec, Pavel , Grill, Roman
Stability of galvanomagnetic properties of CdTe in the range 30-100%

The thermal stability of p-type CdTe crystals by using conductivity and Hall-effect measurements have been studied at room and slightly increased temperatures. Different types of thermal relaxation were observed for two p-type samples, which differed in the character and in the rate of&...

Klíma, Martin , Psota, Boleslav , Szendiuch, Ivan
Wire-bonds Durability in High-temperature Applications

This work aims to determine the suitability of use of low-temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) and thi ck film technology in applications with semiconductors base d on SiC and GaN, which have high operating tempera ture. Especially, Heraeus HeraLock 2000 substrate is inve stigated. ...

Baránek, Radek , Šolc, František
Tuning of complementary filter attitude estimator using presice model of multicopter

This contribution deals with attitude estimation algorithm based on measuring angular rate, earth magnetic field and specific force and with the tuning of its parameters. At first, sensors and two main methods usually used for attitude estimation are described. Subsequently the particular&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13