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Niewiadomska-Kaplar, Justyna
Polychromatism of all light waves: new approach to the analysis of the physical and perceptive color aspects

Research on light vision mechanisms in biosystems and on the mechanisms of formation of deficits in color discrimination [Nie20a] reveals that not only white light is polychromatic but all light waves are. The spectrum of white light is composed of aggregations of...

Pardo, Ricardo , Remolar, Inmaculada
Photogrammetry Workflow for Obtaining Low-polygon 3D Models Using Free Software

This paper proposes a workflow for inexperienced designers to create low-poly 3D models using free software. It addresses the problem of the complexity generated by photogrammetry. The solution aims to enable independent developers to create realistic assets at cheap cost. It eli...

Kubanek, Mariusz , Karbowiak, Lukasz , Bobulski, Janusz
Detection of Dangerous Situations Near Pedestrian Crossings using In-Car Camera

The paper presents a method for detecting dangerous situations near pedestrian crossings using an in-car camera system. The approach utilizes deep learning-based object detection to identify pedestrians and vehicles, analyzing their behavior to identify potential hazards. The system incorporate...

Bobulski, Janusz , Kubanek, Mariusz
The use of Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Waste Segregation in the Garbage Recycling Process

The problem of recycling secondary raw materials remains unresolved, despite many years of work on this issue. Among the many obstacles that arise is also the difficulty of sorting individual waste fractions. To facilitate this task and help solve this problem, modern comput...

Oronowicz-Jaskowiak, Wojciech , Wasilewski, Piotr , Mirosław, Kowaluk
Justice Expectations Related to the Use of CNNs to Identify CSAM. Technological Interview.

A technological interview was conducted with representatives of the judiciary to determine their expectations and beliefs related to the technological solution (involving detection of child sexual abuse materials using CNNs), being developed. The obtained results lead to the followi...