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Zhang, Beichen , Bao, Yue
A Deep CNN Model For Age Estimation

Age estimation from human faces is an important yet challenging task in computer vision because of the large differences between physical age and apparent age. Although many inspiring works have focused on the age estimation of a single human face through deep learning, ...

Virbukaite, Sandra , Bernataviciene, Jolita
Image Resizing Impact on Optic Disc and Optic Cup Segmentation

Optic disc (OD) and Optic Cup (OC) segmentation play an important role in the automatic assessment of eye health where the Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have been extensively employed. The application of CNNs requires identical image size to work properly but the eye&...

Ganganna Ravindra, Darshan , Dinges, Laslo , Al-Hamadi, Ayoub , Baranau, Vasili
Fast and Precise Binary Instance Segmentation of 2D Objects for Automotive Applications

In this paper, we focus on improving binary 2D instance segmentation to assist humans in labeling ground truth datasets with polygons. Humans labeler just have to draw boxes around objects, and polygons are generated automatically. To be useful, our system has to run on...

Praschl, Christoph , Stradner, Michael
Towards an Automated System for Reverse Geocoding of Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs of buildings are often used as memorabilia sold by trading companies. Such photographs come with an issue regarding the address of the shown buildings, since the recording location of the camera may be known, but shows a spatial distance to the actual...

Furman, Robert , Hadzicki, Rafał , Karwowski, Damian , Klimaszewski, Krzysztof
A browser based system for remote evaluation of subjective quality of videos

The evaluation of the quality of videos is posing a significant problem in research on video processing, including compression. Different algorithms and their modifications aim to improve the quality of the video, while keeping the necessary bitrate as low as possible, and every ti...