Volume 6 (1998)


Recent Submissions

Zlatanova, S. , Painsil, J. , Tempfli, K.
3D object reconstruction from aerial stereo images

Among the variety of problems in providing 3D information about topographic objects, efficient data collection and model construction are issues for research. The efforts are directed towards improving the tedious, time and man-power consuming process of data generation by applying au...

Yu, Young-Jung , Jung, Ho-Youl , Cho, Hwan-Gue
A new rendering technique for water droplet using metaball in the gravitation force

Till now there are many rendering models for water and other fluids and their dynamics. Especially in order to generate the curved surface of flexible objects such as water, jelly, and snow, the implicit metaball formulation is widely used in favor of its simplicity...

Wcisło, Rafał , Kitowski, Jacek , Mościński, Jacek
Cellular automaton as a fast tool for animation of liquid in multi-object scenes

The paper presents the usage of a cellular automaton (CA) in three-dimensional computer animations. The main goal is to achieve a fast, realistic motion of a set of bodies. In order to fulfil the demand of "reality" we try to employ the simulation methods based ...

Steele, Kevin L. , Egbert, Parris K.
A unified framework for collision detection, avoidance, and response

Collision detection and collision avoidance algorithms are necessary for accurate and realistic animation, but are presently implemented separately and independently. This is a disadvantage when designing some simulations or animations which would otherwise benefit from the availability...

Sanna, Andrea , Montuschi, Paolo
An efficient algorithm for ray casting of CSG animation frames

This paper presents a new algorithm to generate ray casted CSG animation frames. We consider sequences of frames where only the objects can move, in this way, we take advantage of the high screen area coherence of this kind of animation. A new definition of bo...