Volume 23 (2015)


Recent Submissions

Yang, Bingxin , Yuan, Min , Ma, Yide , Zhang, Jiuwen
Magnetic resonance images reconstruction using uniform discrete curvelet transform sparse prior based compressed sensing

Compressed sensing(CS) has shown great potential in speeding up magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) without degrading images quality. In CS MRI, sparsity (compressibility) is a crucial premise to reconstruct high-quality images from non-uniformly undersampled k-space measurements. In this paper, a novel m...

Weier, Martin , Hinkenjann, André , Slusallek, Philipp
A unified triangle/voxel structure for GPUs and its applications

We present a system that combines voxel and polygonal representations into a single octree acceleration structure that can be used for ray tracing. Voxels are well-suited to create good level-of-detail for high-frequency models where polygonal simplifications usually fail due to the complex&...

Sultana, Madeena , Polash Paul, Padma , Gavrilova, Marina
Occlusion detection and index-based ear recognition

Person recognition using ear biometric has received significant interest in recent years due to its highly discriminative nature, permanence over time, non-intrusiveness, and easy acquisition process. However, in a realworld scenario, ear image is often partially or fully occluded by hair, e...

Sörös, Gábor , Münger, Severin , Beltrame, Carlo , Humair, Luc
Multiframe visual-inertial blur estimation and removal for unmodified smartphones

Pictures and videos taken with smartphone cameras often suffer from motion blur due to handshake during the exposure time. Recovering a sharp frame from a blurry one is an ill-posed problem but in smartphone applications additional cues can aid the solution. We propose a blur&...

Ramirez Orozco, Raissel , Loscos, Céline , Martin, Ignacio , Artusi, Alessandro
Multiscopic HDR image sequence generation

Creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images of static scenes by combining several Low Dynamic Range (LDR) images is a common procedure nowadays. However, 3D HDR video acquisition hardware barely exist. Limitations in acquisition, processing, and display make it an active, unsolved research ...