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Recent Submissions

Shoova, Arina
La condition de la femme dans les oeuvres d´ Annie Ernaux

This bachelor thesis examines the biography and bibliography of Annie Ernaux. This thesis provides an analysis of the book "The Happening". Based on an excerpt of this book and the trailer for the movie adaptation, the questionnaire was conducted.

Byshliaha, Anna
Les homonymes inter-linguistiques ou "les faux amis" - en traduction française et tcheque

The subject of this thesis is the phenomenon of cross-linguistic homonymy in French and Czech. This problem has been studied for a long time in the linguistic literature. Researchers discuss what homonymy is, how it occurs in languages, how it is used in discourse and how...

Štojdlová, Eliška Marie
Pedagogický projekt školního výletu do Francie (projekt lingvistický a kulturní)

This thesis focuses on the subject of school trips to abroad, mainly to the south of France, in the area of Czech high school environment. In this thesis, extracurricular school activities and described together with their contributions and realization within projects and project&...

Petříčková, Kristýna
Vliv angličtiny - prvního cizího jazyka na vyučování/učení se francouzštiny - druhého cizího jazyka

This Diploma thesis focuses on the topic of foreign languages particularly the influence of English - as the first foreign language on teaching/learning French - as the second foreign language. The Diploma thesis is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part includes&#...

Bekmukhambetova, Dilyara
Les stratégies de marketing des marques de produits de beauté francophones

The bachelor's thesis entitled " Marketing strategies of French-speaking beauty brands " is devoted to the ways of promoting cosmetic products, which are preferred by French-speaking brands, in particular, companies in France and Switzerland. In addition to a review of various ...