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Recent Submissions

Jolicoeur, Martina
Kulturní adaptace styčného důstojníka pro migraci a doklady během jeho působení v zahraničí

The primary objective of this research is about the problematic of acculturation of liaison officers who have been deployed in foreign countries. Whether they are able to adapt to the different living conditions and culture, especially in the short term period. Also how they a...

Dundálková, Kamila
Včelaření na Plzeňsku

The diploma thesis presents the results of field research of beekeepers in the Pilsen region. The theoretical part describes the history of beekeeping, pollination activities and the importance of honey bee breeding. In the practical part of the thesis I focus on the importance...

Hřídelová, Barbora
Místa paměti příbramského školství: Období tzv. normalizace a transformace z perspektivy učitelek a učitelů

The main goal of this Thesis is to characterize and capture the professional life of teachers of Příbram primary schools in the form of an oral history probe into their daily lives in the period of so-called normalization and capture the form of "normalization" educa...

Urban, Tomáš
Útěk do Sovětského svazu a věznění v gulagu ve vzpomínkách přeživších Rusínů a Židů z Podkarpatské Rusi

The thesis deals with interpretations of the memories of Ruthenians and Jews who fled to the Soviet Union after the occupation of Carpathian Ruthenia by the Hungarian army in 1939 to find freedom and justice, but instead encountered imprisonment and repression and they ended u...

Kavinová, Denisa
Monty Python - comedy icon and its influence on comedy

This bachelor thesis analyses the work and influence of the British comedy group Monty Python.