Title: Improvement of mechanical properties of high strength low-alloyed steel by unconventional heat treatment
Authors: Mašek, Bohuslav
Jirková, Hana
Aišman, David
Skálová, Ludmila
Citation: Proceedings of the 5th International Scientific Conference of Mechanical Engineering, COMEC 2008, Las Villas, Cuba,. Las Villas: Universidad Central de Las Villas, 2008, p. 1-6. ISBN 978-959-250-404-2.
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Universidad Central de Las Villas
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://fortech.zcu.cz/publications/2008/Comec_Masek.pdf
ISBN: 978-959-250-404-2
Keywords: nekonvenční tepelné zpracování;Q-P proces;nízkoslitinová ocel;unconventional heat treatment;Q-P process;low-alloyed steel
Abstract: Modern steels processed using unconventional he at treatments can reach substantially better properties when compared to those processed usi ng conventional treatments. This paper presents new possibilities of heat treatment for 42SiCr steel, which is a low-alloyed steel with a strength of 980 MPa and ductility of 30% in the basic state. Very high strength can be reached through conventional treatment, but ductility drops down to lower values. The aim of this experiment was to design and test an unconventional heat treatment procedure in order to reach a high strength of about 2000 MPa with ductility over 10%. For this purpose, the Q-P process was modified and optimized in several steps. The influence of the technological process para meters on the structure development was documented using metallography and the resulting mechanical properties were measured.
Rights: © Universidad Central de Las Villas
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