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Recent Submissions

Kotlan, Václav , Hamar, Roman , Doležel, Ivo
Modeling of induction-assisted 3D laser printing

A mathematical model of induction-assisted 3D printing is presented, providing a tool for design of specified tracks printed on suitable substrates. The model consists of the non-stationary temperature field produced by laser beam and field of deformation produced by continuous adding the&#x...

Bělík, Milan , Kuchanskyy, Vladislav , Yuri, Lykhovyd , Rubanenko, Olena
Optimal Value Determining Method of Parameters Compensating Devices of Bulk Electric Networks

The given method of optimizing the modes of main electric networks allows obtaining a universal approach for solving such tasks as minimizing the total losses of active power and compensating excess flows of reactive power. The methodology for selecting the parameters of compensating&#x...

Lezhniuk, P. , Komar, V. , Rubanenko, Olena , Bělík, Milan , Rubanenko, O. , Smaglo, I.
Analysis of technical conditions influencing the operation of PV power stations cooperating with controlled power grids

The article shows in first part the need to assess the technical condition of photovoltaic power plants, in particular the degradation of their photovoltaic modules, because during operation there is a gradual decrease in the actual power generation if compared to the initial value...

Petrášová, Iveta , Karban, Pavel , Doležel, Ivo
Using Surrogate Model for Shape Optimization of Busbar

Methodology of shape optimization of the frequency converter blades, which are heated by Joule losses due to nonuniform current flow, is presented. For processing this coupled and nonlinear problem, its full mathematical model is replaced by a suitable equivalent model, on which the...

Dashtdar, Masoud , Belkhier, Youcef , Bajaj, Mohit , Sadegh, Seyed Mohammad , Bělík, Milan , Rubanenko, Olena
Protection of DC Microgrids Based on Frequency Domain Analysis using Fourier Transform

Due to the expansion of the use of distributed generation sources and especially renewable energy resources, the use of microgrids is increasing rapidly. The protection of DC microgrids is one of the most important challenges in the design and operation of this type of electri...