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Stanisławski, Marek , Trzmiel, Grzegorz
The use of a multidimensional approximation in determining a model of a photovoltaic cell

The paper includes a proposal of formulating a model of a photovoltaic cell based on measurement datafiles obtained during faultless operation of the considered cell. The authors determine the coefficients describing faultless operation of the tested cell with the use of an ...

Skowronek, Konrad , Trzmiel, Grzegorz
The model of photovoltaic cell with consideration of load variability

The paper proposes designing of a model of photovoltaic cell operation in real conditions. The method of residua estimation is applied, modified according to verification of the obtained models. The choice of the optimal model is a final effect of the article.

Molnár, Ján , Vince, Tibor
Telemetric expert system based on interent

The paper deals with the proposal of the measuring chain assigned for remote measuring in the automobile industry. The designed solution should be able to do automatic measurement of all required parameters and to send obtained data to the remote centre, where they coul...

Bartůšek, Karel , Buchta, Zdeněk , Rychnovský, Jan
Spectral line amplitudes of thermally polarized 129 xenon in comparison with hyperpolarized 129 xenon

We present the experimental results of hyperpolarized 129Xe spectral line amplitude obtained by 4.7 T NMR system and high power semiconductor laser with reduced emission linewidth. The hyperpolarization process was based on the spin exchange collision technique between 129Xe atoms and optica...

Kováč, Dobroslav , Kováčová, Irena , Peťko, Milan , Šimko, Vojtech
Simulation model of elastomagnetic sensors

An article says about the basic magnetic features of ferromagnetic material, which need to be taken to the consideration when designing model of elastomagnetic sensor. Mentioned is an intelligent calculator, which is used for calculation of change of sensor permeability in cubic grate&#...

Čápová, Klára , Gombárska, Daniela , Janoušek, Ladislav , Smetana, Milan
Recent trends and developments in eddy current non-destructive evaluation

The paper analyses developments and summarizes recent trends in eddy current non-destructive evaluation. Basic principle of the method is explained and its possible applications in non-invasive evaluation of conductive materials are summarized. Main aspects connected with application of the...

Čápová, Klára , Janoušek, Ladislav , Smetana, Milan
Pulsed eddy current evaluation of conductive materials using virtual instrumentation

Non-destructive testing (NDT) refers to testing a component without impairing its worth or functional properties. Pulsed eddy current (PEC) testing is a new electromagnetic NDT method. This method is powerful technique used for detection of surface and sub-surface corrosion and cracks...

Dejmek, Jiří , Štekl, Pavel
Possibilities of using the thermocamera in the thermodynamic processes

Paper discusses the possibility of the thermocamera on some different examples. Presented examples are from different scientific and commercial ranges and in each from them are used other important prerequisites form measuring. Typical examples of usability of the thermocamera are the measur...

Dejmek, Jiří , Štekl, Pavel
Innovation in the electrochemistry in range fuel cells

The paper deals with the information about innovation in laboratory education from the area of electrochemistry. New technologies using during the lessons are described. Further, methods of creation new laboratory experiments are mentioned. Contribution and other objectives of innovation are disc...

Dvořák, Petr , Sedlaříková, Marie , Vondrák, Jiří
Carbon based materials: their properties and application as electrodes in electrochemical double layer capacitors

Two types of commercially available carbon blacks were studied by cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as electrode materials for supercapacitors in the 0.5 M electrolyte of propylene carbonate and LiClO4. Specific capacitances were calculated from cyclic voltammograms ...

Faktorová, Dagmar , Zrník, Juraj
Numerical modelling of electromagnetic wave interaction with heterogeneous biological structure

The paper presents a numerical modeling of electromagnetic wave interaction with planar layered structure through reflection and transmission coefficient at boundaries of two biological tissues. Numerical calculation both reflection and transmission coefficients at boundaries is investigated with re...

Büllow, Jiří
Modelling of electric activity in cardiac cell

Electric and magnetic phenomena of living organisms and their modelling belong to great research area of the Department of theory of electrical engineering in University of West Bohemia. This paper brings a new approach focused on cardiac cell’s membrane ion transport and it...

Čápová, Klára , Strapáčová, Tatiana
Influence of selected parameters on detection of heart valves outlet strut fractures usinge Ect method

The Bjork-Shiley Convexo Concave (BSCC) mechanical heart valve has been used in surgery between 1979- 1986. It was one of the most prevalent mechanical heart valves in that period. The valve is however plagued by an increased occurrence of unexpected mechanical failures of&#...

Panczyk, Maciej , Sikora, Jan
Infinite boundary element application in optical mammography

Early detection or screening examination of breast cancer can be done using Optical Tomography or Electrical Impedance Tomography. Using Boundary Element Method for forward problem solution we can not make measurements or precisely define boundary conditions on the surface between bre...

Dědková, Jarmila , Drexler, Petr
Improvement of image reconstructions using level set method

The paper proposes a new approach to image reconstruction problems to improve results applying the level set technique during a reconstruction process, which is based on electrical impedance tomography (EIT). The recently described methods are often based on deterministic or stochastic appro...

Büllow, Jiří
Educational simulation of bioelectromagnetism features of living organism

The paper deals with a topic of computer simulation possibilities of bioelectromagnetical features and usage of this simulations for demonstration purposes of educational process in conditions of interdisciplinary area of pedagogical process oriented as well towards to technical students a...

Faktorová, Dagmar
Dielectric spectroscopy of glucose turnover in cancerous tissue model

The article focuses on dielectric spectroscopy, measurement and calculation of dielectric properties of normal and carcinoma tissue phantoms. Special attention is paid to the investigation of dielectric properties of carcinoma tissue model with different water and glucose content. The pape...

Doležel, Ivo , Kotlan, Václav , Ulrych, Bohuš
Study of integral arrangement of MHD pumps transporting molten metals or salts

The paper deals with one of the fundamental possibilities of improving magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) pumps based on the integration of effects of elementary MHD minipumps distributed along the pipe through which they transport the considered liquid. The crucial point of the work cons...

Jiřičková, Jana , Krasl, Milan , Vlk, Rostislav
Stray losses in transformer tank

This paper presents the application of 3D finite-element approaches to calculate losses in the tank and frame of the transformer. The equations, boundary conditions and excitations of models are explained with some detail in this work. For calculation was used program OPERA ...

Doležel, Ivo , Kotlan, Václav , Ulrych, Bohuš
Static characteristic of components of controllable thermoelastic actuator

The paper deals with one of the basic conditions of practical employment of finely controllable thermoelastic actuators – problems of the static characteristics of its individual structural parts. It contains the formulation of the principle of such thermoelastic actuators, description...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41