Title: Approximation of strong electric field
Authors: Košek, Miloslav
Malík, Michal
Primas, Jiří
Richter, Aleš
Citation: AMTEE ’09 : eighth international conference on Advanced Methods in the Theory of Electrical Engineering : September 07-09, 2009 [Cheb, Czech Republic].
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: University of West Bohemia
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://cpee.zcu.cz/AMTEE/ArchivedProceedings/proceedings_AMTEE_2009/index.html
ISBN: 978-80-7043-821-3
Keywords: elektrostatické pole tenkého drátu;zrcadlová metoda;pole konečné délky vodiče;provádějící úroveň;elektrostatická sonda
Keywords in different language: electrostatic field of thin wire;mirror method;field of finite length conductor;conducting plane;electrostatic probe
Abstract in different language: Since strong electric field is used now in many areas, simple methods for exact calculation of electric field should be found. For the apparatus, where the strong electric field is produced by thin straight conductor over conducting body, several approximating formulae (that use conducting plane instead of the body) were derived. Using the formulae, the field strength has been calculated in detail and typical results are presented. The comparison of all the methods shows that in the area near the conductor (near zone) any of the formulae can be used. In the vicinity of the conductor a difference exists.
Rights: © University of West Bohemia
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