Title: Invariant interest point detection based on variations of the spinor tensor
Authors: Hast, Anders
Marchetti, Andrea
Citation: WSCG 2014: communication papers proceedings: 21st International Conference in Central Europeon Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Visionin co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS Association, p. 49-56.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Václav Skala - UNION Agency
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: wscg.zcu.cz/WSCG2014/!!_2014-WSCG-Communication.pdf
ISBN: 978-80-86943-71-8
Keywords: detektor zájmových bodů;funkce;invariance;spinorový tenzor;Harrisův detektor;Hessianova matice
Keywords in different language: interest point detector;features;invariance;spinor tensor;Harris detector;Hessian matrix
Abstract in different language: Image features are obtained by using some kind of interest point detector, which often is based on a symmetric matrix such as the structure tensor or the Hessian matrix. These features need to be invariant to rotation and to some degree also to scaling in order to be useful for feature matching in applications such as image registration. Recently, the spinor tensor has been proposed for edge detection. It was investigated herein how it also can be used for feature matching and it will be proven that some simplifications, leading to variations of the response function based on the tensor, will improve its characteristics. The result is a set of different approaches that will be compared to the well known methods using the Hessian and the structure tensor. Most importantly the invariance when it comes to rotation and scaling will be compared.
Rights: @ Václav Skala - UNION Agency
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