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Recent Submissions

Rubanenko, Olena
Energy Consumption Optimisation of Emergency Shelters for Ukrainian War Refugees

The paper deals with optimisation of energy consumption of emergency shelters (tiny houses) for Ukrainian War refugees. Significant amount of Ukrainian citizens lost their homes or were forced to leave their properties. These refugees overcrowd the rest of the country and bring huge...

Štork, Milan , Mayer, Daniel
Simulation of electrical system protection against the effects of a magnetic storm

In the introduction of the presented work, the physical nature of the collapse of electrical energy transmission systems due to the influence of a magnetic storm is recalled. A mechanism is described by which, due to the non-linearity of the magnetic circuit of the system'...

Abushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale , Burian, Ondřej , Škoda, Radek
Design and Operation Optimization of a Nuclear Heat-Driven District Cooling System

Carbon-free thermally driven district cooling systems (DCS) can effectively mitigate the excessive electricity consumption and carbon emissions associated with the cooling sector. This study proposes a DCS that employs nuclear heat as the primary energy source. The system comprises three main...

Zabelin, Denis , Zabelina, Anna , Guselnikova, Olga , Miliutina, Elena , Kolská, Zdeňka , Štulík, Jiří , Polanský, Radek , Elashnikov, Roman , Kalachyova, Evgeniia , Švorčík, Václav , Lyutakov, Oleksiy
Selective methane chemiresistive detection using MWCNTs array decorated by metal organic framework layer

Methane as a main component of natural gas, but simultaneously an explosive compound with pronounced negative environmental impact. Therefore, methane should be detected with high precision and reliability. However, the inertness and non-polar nature of methane is limiting its simple detection&#x...

Bělík, Milan , Rubanenko, Olena
Implementation of Digital Twin for Increasing Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources

This paper presents an analysis of the instability of the electricity generation of renewable energy sources (RESs), specifically Digital Twins of RESs. The first part deals with the analysis of RES electricity generation around the world and Ukraine. The following chapter describes fea...