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Recent Submissions

Hecová, Lenka , Rusňák, Štěpán , Salcman, Václav , Cendelin, Jiří
Seasonal Variations in Ocular Axial Length Increase among Children in the Czech Republic

In recent decades, the prevalence of myopia has increased worldwide as well as in European countries, and it has become an important medical and socioeconomic problem. Our prospective single-center study analysed the changes in ocular axial length (AXL) in a population of Central E...

Kara, Erhan , Sagiroglu, Isa , Vurgun, Hikmet , Eken, Özgür , Ceylan, Halil Ibrahim , Gabryś, Tomasz , Barasinska, Magdalena , Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula , Valach, Petr
The Risk Factors Associated with Grip Lock Injuries in Artistic Gymnasts: A Systematic Review

Artistic gymnastics (AG) is a sport that demands grace, strength, and flexibility, leading to a broad spectrum of injuries. The dowel grip (DG) is widely used by gymnasts to securely hold onto the high bar or uneven bars. However, incorrect usage of the DG can result ...

Kavalířová, Gabriela , Čepička, Ladislav , Knappová, Věra
Vliv tříměsíční pohybové intervence na rozvoj vybraných pohybových předpokladů předškolních dětí z Plzně

The aim of the research study was to evaluate the effect of a three-month movement intervention on the level of development of selected motor predispositions of preschool children from Pilsen kindergartens, based on the results from the qualifying and final round of the Sports ...

Zeman, Radek , Charvát, Luboš
Analýza vztahu antropometrických parametrů kajakáře ve vztahu k délce pádla a objemu lodi

Kayaking is one of the recreational physical activities within water tourism. Basic knowledge of material-technical equipment is a prerequisite for proper skills training. It contributes to enhancing the experience of kayaking and is related to health aspects and&...

Knappová, Věra , Charvátová, Anna , Stackeová, Daniela
Correction of defective foot position in a preschool child - case report

The presented work deals with the topic of defective foot position in a preschool child and the possibilities of its correction. It takes the form of a case study, presenting the case of a preschool boy with a defective leg position and the content and results of...