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Recent Submissions

Tlili, Václava
Konverze Čechů k islámu

The dissertation entitled Conversion of Czechs to Islam examines the experiences of Czechs and Czechs who have decided to accept Islam as their religion. The main purpose of writing this study is to try to bring more understanding to the process of their conversion and to...

Ovský, Přemysl
Česká cizokrajná etnografie: Od cestopisů k sociokulturní antropologii

This work represents a contribution to the history of the Czech foreign ethnography and ethnology. The aim of the work was to analyse the view of the eminent travelers and ethnographers on the exotic otherness presented by them. This work is divided into three thematic ar...

Pankowská, Anna
Význam histotafonomie a terénní antropologie při rekonstrukci pohřebního ritu kultury se šňůrovou keramikou na Moravě

The reconstruction of the grave environment is a key element in the interpretation of the burial rite. The methods of field anthropology and histotaphonomy can be useful in gaining a better understanding of the micro-environment in which the dead body decomposed. Based on the ...

Galeta, Patrik , Pankowská, Anna
Population dynamics in the Middle Ages in Central Europe: Reconstruction based on age-at-death distributions of skeletal samples

Demography plays an important role in domains related to socio-cultural complexity, subsistence strategies, and cultural ecology. Although the Middle Ages in Central Europe (ca. 500-1500 CE) was a period of major political, economic, and socio-cultural change arising from the establishment of...

Lozoviuk, Petr
Veselka v Šumici. Komunitní aktivita zanikajícího světa české enklávy (2. část)

The study aims to provide a commented description and to interpret the wedding merriment recorded in the first half of 1990 in Šumice, one of the Czech villages in the Romanian Banat.