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Recent Submissions

Špiclová, Zdeňka
Vědecké metody v religionistice a jejich aplikace v bádání o raném křesťanství

The dissertation aims to investigate what a scientific approach to the study of religion can look like (at the theoretical level) and whether new technologies can be used for computer analysis of extant sources (at the level of method). The aim is to reflect on the r...

Civínová, Pavlína
Pakt čtyř velmocí (1932-1933) jako prostředek italského revizionismu

The Four-Power Pact, proposed by Benito Mussolini in March 1933, was to represent the cooperation of Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany. Mussolini first mentioned the idea of cooperation in a speech to supporters in Turin in the autumn of 1932, but at that time it&#...

Hrubá, Hana
Pozdně středověká keramika v jihozápadních Čechách

The thesis deals with kitchen and table pottery of the High- and Late Middle Ages in southwestern Bohemia. In terms of chronology whole time range is divided into two periods: first period covers time range from the second half of 13th century to the first half of&#x...

Chlevišťan, Jiří
Archeologie a vývoj lodní dopravy v pravěké Evropě. Historie, metody, prameny

Dissertation thesis is focused on prehistoric boat within european continent. There was gathered boat from teritory of 17 countries which was dated max. to 5th century BC or halstatt period. Attention was paid to chronological typological aspects of these boats, mainly to artefacts ...

Balcarová, Markéta
Topografie Prags in den Texten der „letzten Prager deutschen Schriftstellerin“ Lenka Reinerová