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Recent Submissions

Himmer, Michal , Rod, Zdeněk
Chinese debt trap diplomacy: reality or myth?

Debt-trap diplomacy (DTD) is seen as a relatively new Chinese policy tool connected to BRI. DTD builds on the approach that China intentionally excessively lends money to low-income indebted states that cannot later repay Chinese debt. The borrowing state thus relinquishes some of ...

Plundrich, Miroslav
Nestátní aktéři v mezinárodním systému: jak poznáme padouchy?

Non-state actors represent equal partners, viable competitors, and/or serious enemies in the current international system. Their specific position depends on how their behaviour in the system is perceived by states, international organizations, and civil society. The behaviour itself can be ...

Stulík, Ondřej
Recognising and Applying Equivalent Meanings: an example of creating a codebook from a language-game of extremism in the Czech Republic

In this article, I present tools for more accurate data collection in selected types of research. My premise is that tools for identifying the equivalence of meaning of different data units can minimise the room for potential error in data collection. A major error may be...

Rod, Zdeněk , Himmer, Michal
Soft Power of Aspiring Middle Eastern Powers towards Yemen: the Case of Saudi Arabia and Iran

The multiple engagements of the Middle East powers (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey) are self-evident, mainly in the case of hard power tools use. However, the disposition of foreign interference in Yemen is multifaced. The current research has primarily focused on...

Cabadová Waisová, Šárka
How to follow and Study Through the Sites and Situations of Expert Knowledge Diffusion in International Politics: Research Challenges and Methodological Responses

The central aim of this article is to consider tools and methods for studying expert knowledge (EK) diffusion in international politics. What we need are methodological devices to enable research of the object in motion and&#x...