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Pishdar, Mahsa , Ghasemzadeh, Fatemeh , Antucheviciene, Jurgita , Saparauskas, Jonas
Internet of things and its challenges in supply chain management: a rough strength- relation analysis method

Internet of Things application (IOT) in supply chain management is becoming imperative and can shape a strategic competitive advantage. Albeit, different challenges appear through this application, most of the previous studies consider less about these challenges and focus on the advantages ...

Wrońska-Bukalska, Elżbieta , Kaźmierska-Jóźwiak, Bogna , Rozkovec, Jiří
The information content of share repurchases: evidence from Poland

Announcements of open market repurchase programmes have recently become common not only in the United States but also in many other, less developed countries. The aim of the paper is to examine the market reaction to share repurchase announcements and to investigate the reasons...

Maličká, Lenka , Martinková, Slavomíra
Fiscal decentralization determinants: analysis of the EU countries' clustered sample in period 1995-2015

Fiscal decentralization as a shift of decision-making powers from the central level of government to lower government levels is an object of wide research. In this field there is a discussion ranging from the eligibility of fiscal decentralization, its advantages and threats, to sear...

Noaman, Nabiela , Ouda, Hassan , Christiaens, Johan
Indexing financial reporting information for heritage management

The main role of effective heritage management (HM) is to utilize heritage assets while safeguarding them for present and future generations. Proper financial reporting could increase the management capacity in safeguarding these valuable possessions by providing useful information for decision ma...

Ūsas, Antanas , Jasinskas, Edmundas , Štreimikienė, Dalia , Švagždienė, Biruta , Simanavičius, Artūras
Quality evaluation of internet websites which represents the Lithuanian basketball through consumers approach

The information technology area is one of the fastest expanding and most customizable in daily activities. In 2015, 68% Lithuanian households had personal computers and internet access at home. The modern business is moving to virtual space. The exchange of business area develops a...

Kramoliš, Jan , Kotásková, Anna
The gap of importance of design in business between 2014 and 2016

In today´s very tough market struggle in the Czech Republic, more and more companies are aware that innovation is one of the key aspects leading to market success. The main research aim of this paper is to explore how “design” represents a business success trigger. This&#...

Nagyová, Ľudmila , Horáková, Monika , Moroz, Serhiy , Horská, Elena , Poláková, Zuzana
The analysis of export trade between Ukraine and Visegrad countries

The dynamic development of foreign trade is important for the stable economic position. It can be considered as a confirmation of the actual efficiency of the national economy and its ability to be competitive in the global economics. In this paper, we analyze main tendencies&#x...

Kumar, Aneel , Channa, Khalil Ahmed , Bhutto, Niaz Ahmed
Reciprocation at work: the role of work to family enrichment and family role salience

This study investigated the main and conditional indirect effects of emotional and instrumental family related social supports from coworkers on person and task focused interpersonal citizenship behavior (ICBs). We incorporated work to family enrichment as mediator and family role salience as...

Jin, Hyun-Woong
Restructuring parcel delivery network by considering dynamic customer demand

Parcel delivery service is one of the fastest growing industries in the world as the e-commerce such as online shopping mall expands rapidly. To increase its market share, most of parcel delivery service companies construct their delivery network as a form of hub-spoke network ...

Ginevicius, Romualdas , Gedvilaite, Dainora , Stasiukynas, Andrius
Impact of economic development on the ecology in the regions of Lithuania

All three components of sustainable development (SD) – economic, social and ecological – are closely interrelated and have both direct and reverse impacts. To better understand the SD phenomenon and to manage it purposefully, we need to perform two essential tasks: first, a quantita...

Minárik, Pavol , Vokoun, Marek , Stellner, František
Innovative activity and business cycle: Austria in the 19th and 20th century

This paper focuses on the analysis of the relationship between business cycles and innovative activity in a small open economy. Small economies benefit from imports of foreign technologies through international trade and foreign investments and are subjects to significant exogenous shocks that...

Pacáková, Viera , Kopecká, Lucie
Inequalities in health status depending on socio-economic situation in the European countries

There are a number of major studies which have demonstrated a clear link between socio-economic background (such as income or occupation) and health. The goal of this article is to assess and quantify inequalities in health status of inhabitants depending on socio-economic situation...

Stoklasová, Radmila
Default rate in the Czech Republic depending on selected macroeconomic indicators

The aim of this article is to analyse which macroeconomic indicators affect the default rate in the Czech Republic in the long run and to create a model that would allow to describe the expected share of the default rate depending on the development of selected macro...

Čech, Jozef , Šofranko, Marian
Economic projection and evaluation of mining venture

The paper is dealing with a new approach and technique to evaluate entrepreneur ventures using computer aided economic projection system. The term “economic projection” represents ability to display given venture from engineer’s point of view (in constructive, object and process-oriented way)...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14