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Recent Submissions

Číž, Josef
Evaluation of suppliers using digitalization

The article discusses the evaluation of suppliers in a selected international food company, maps the current state of evaluation and describes the upcoming benefits of possible digitalization. This section is a comparison of original and new solutions and subsequent recommendations in the&#x...

Pokorný, Jan
Evaluation of pension sustainability and its application

Sustainability is a very important topic for the pension system with regard to population ageing and changes in labor market as digitalization and Industry 4.0. These causes are the reason for reforms of pension systems, which will lead to systems that are more robust with...

Šafrová, Dominika
Sharing economy: shared accommodation

The sharing economy has been constantly evolving and changing over the years. Development concerns existing as well as new areas. It has already developed into many forms. Its regulation is constantly being addressed in specific cases. Within the issues addressed by the paper, it&#...

Berger, Aleš
Exploring Former & Modern Views: A Catch-All to Assistive Technology Applications

In life, everyone faces personalized conditions such as ageing, disease, and impairments in hearing, vision, or mobility. In addition, some individuals are born with disabilities that can limit their participation in various areas of life, including work, education, and daily activities. Ass...

Bauerová, Radka , Starzyczná, Halina , Zapletalová, Šárka
Who Are Online Grocery Shoppers?

The acceleration of the digitalisation of grocery shopping is an important trend that shows that this way of sourcing groceries is increasingly accepted by customers. Uncovering, understanding, and describing the differences between online grocery shoppers is interesting from a scientific point&#...