Title: Advanced Induction Heat Treatment Systems of Pipes
Authors: Vegera, Ivan
Demidovich, Victor
Perevalov, Yuri
Citation: Proceeding of UIE 2021: XIX International UIE Congress on Evolution and New Trends in Electrothermal Processes. 1.-3.2021, Pilsen, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, 2021, p. 87-88.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of West Bohemia
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/45802
ISBN: 978-80-261-0930-3
Keywords: kontinuální linka tepelného zpracování;kontrolní systém teploty;indukční ohřev;vícezónové vytápění
Keywords in different language: continuous heat treatment line;temperature control system;induction heating;multi-zone heating
Abstract in different language: New approach of designing and control of induction heat treatment installations of pipes with utilizing of numerical models is developed. Models include two- dimensional simulation of coupling electromagnetic and temperature fields in cylindrical systems for processing of pipes. Also, thermal and structural tension during heating and cooling of pipes are simulated. These data allow defining structure, hardness, the size of grain and other properties of the pipes. They allow optimizing design and a choice of equipment, a heat treatment mode for achievement of the maximum quality and minimization of energy consumption. The developed models were used not only for the design of induction heat treatment systems of pipes and rolls, but also for a digital control of these complexes
Rights: © IEEE
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