Volume 30 (2022)


Recent Submissions

Ihde, Lisa , Semmo, Amir , Döllner, Jürgen , Trapp, Matthias
Design Space of Geometry-based Image Abstraction Techniques with Vectorization Applications

The paper presents a new approach of optimized vectorization to generate stylized artifacts such as drawings with a plotter or cutouts with a laser cutter. For this, we developed a methodology for transformations between raster and vector space. More over, we identify semiot...

Mieloch, Dawid , Dziembowski, Adrian , Domański, Marek , Lee, Gwangsoon , Jeong, Jun Young
Color-dependent pruning in immersive video coding

This paper presents the color-dependent method of removing inter-view redundancy from multiview video. The pruning of input views decides which fragments of views are redundant, i.e., do not provide new information about the three-dimensional scene, as these fragments were already vis...

Hast, Anders
A Handcrafted Feature Descriptor for Word Recognition using Embedded Prototype Subspace Classifiers

The purpose of this paper is to in detail describe and analyse a Fourier based handcrafted descriptor for word recognition. Especially, it is discussed how the Variability in the results can be analysed and visualised. This efficiency of the descriptor is evaluated for ...

Wegen, Ole , Döllner, Jürgen , Trapp, Matthias
Interactive Editing of Voxel-Based Signed Distance Fields

Signed distance functions computed in discrete form from given RGB-D data as regular voxel grids can represent manifold shapes as the zero crossing of a trivariate function; the corresponding meshes can be derived by the Marching Cubes algorithm. However, 3D models automatically&...

Sperling, Leo , Lämmer, Simon , Hagen, Hans , Scheuermann, Gerik , Gillmann, Christina
Uncertainty-aware Evaluation of Machine Learning Performance in binary Classification Tasks

Machine learning has become a standard tool in computer vision. Nowadays, neural networks are one of the most prominent representatives in this class of algorithms that usually require training and evaluation to work as desired. There exist a variety of evaluation metrics to...