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Zahoran, Pavol , Žižlavský, Ondřej
Industry 4.0: Opportunity or threat to controlling?

The gradual introduction of automation, robotization, digitalization, and other elements of Industry 4.0 into business processes also has implications for the work of controllers and the organization of controlling departments. The literature review divides the impacts into three main area...

Vocke, Thorsten , Gangur, Mikuláš
The impact of artificial intelligence in the finance sector and its chances

Since Artificial Intelligence has entered almost all parts of the industry, the finance sector is highly influenced by Big data and Artificial Intelligence. For the article, the following research question has been formulated: “What are the key success factors to implement AI...

Valentová, Martina
Agriculture 4.0 - theory and practice

Agriculture is one of the basic building cornerstones of human civilisation. Like other human activities, agriculture has undergone changes over the centuries and has evolved with human knowledge. This paper addresses the issue of the latest stage of agricultural development, which&#x...

Skřivan, Lukáš
Vývoj inovačních aktivit malých a středních podniků v České republice a Evropské unii

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the driving force of the economy in the European Union (EU), providing the majority of jobs and accounting for more than half of value added among all businesses. Support from national and European institutions in the field of rese...

Semerád, Pavel , Brauner, Roman , Babuněk, Ondřej , Semerádová, Lucie
The electronic record of sales as an effective tool for fair compensation payments to entrepreneurs

The electronic record of sales is a tool used by 17 Member States in the European Union. Yet the Czech Republic has decided to cancel the measure introduced in 2016 without providing any replacement. Since its introduction, electronic record of sales has been a pol...