Katedra ošetřovatelství a porodní asistence / Department of Nursing Care and Midwifery

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Vlčková, Hana
Adaptační proces v perioperační péči na neurochirurgii.

This thesis on Adaptation process in perioperative care in neurosurgery focuses on the process itself and the end of the adaptation process of newly recruited nurses in perioperative care in neurosurgical operating theatres. The theoretical part deals with the background for the&...

Brunnerová, Ivana
Pacient s chronickou ranou léčenou podtlakovou terapií v domácím prostředí

The bachelor´s thesis deals with the issue of treatment of chronic wounds in the home environment using negative pressure therapy. Explores the need for security and safety in the home environment. The theoretical part is devoted to moist wound healing and treatment using negative&...

Pytlová, Nikol
Péče porodní asistentky o ženu po porodu na oddělení šestinedělí

The bachelor's thesis examines the care of midwives for a woman after childbirth in the puerperium department. It describes the period of six months, physiological and pathological changes in the body of a pregnant woman, and is also interested in the mental health of wome...

Konjatová, Alena
Postoj zdravotnického personálu k vybraným oblastem života během pandemie COVID-19 a po uplynutí pandemické vlny

The topic of the bachelor's thesis is " The Attitude of Nurses to Selected Life Areas during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Afterwards." It consists of two main parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, we summarize theoretical foundations, chapters well-being,...

Dvořanová, Anna
Vliv hospitalizace novorozence na psychiku rodičů.

This bachelor thesis deals with the effect of hospitalization of a newborn in the NICU/ICU on the psychological state of the child's parents. The thesis contains two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, the basic concepts touching on the topic of my&#...