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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A miniaturized radiation monitor for continuous dosimetry and particle identification in spaceGohl, Stefan; Malich, Milan; Bergmann, Benedikt; Burian, Petr; Granja, Carlos; Heijne, Erik H.; Holík, Michael; Jacubek, Jan; Janeček, Josef; Marek, Lukáš; Oancea, Cristina; Petro, Maros; Pospíšil, Stanislav; Smetana, Adam; Soukup, Pavel; Tureček, Daniel; Vuolo, Marco
2017Software system for data acquisition and analysis operating the ATLAS-TPX networkMánek, Petr; Begera, Jakub; Bergmann, Benedikt; Burian, Petr; Janeček, Josef; Polanský, Štěpán; Pospíšil, Stanislav; Suk, Michal
2021Study of charge carrier transport properties and lifetimes in HR GaAs:Cr with Timepix3Smolyanskiy, Petr; Bergmann, Benedikt; Billoud, Thomas; Burian, Petr; Sitarz, M.; Sondergaard, C.; Pospíšil, Stanislav
2019Study of power consumption of Timepix3 detectorBurian, Petr; Broulím, Pavel; Bergmann, Benedikt
2018Timepix3 detector network at ATLAS experimentBurian, Petr; Broulím, Pavel; Bergmann, Benedikt; Georgiev, Vjačeslav; Pospíšil, Stanislav; Pušman, Lukáš; Zich, Jan
2021Timepix3 detector network for nuclear waste monitoringBiskup, Bartoloměj; Bergmann, Benedikt; Broulím, Pavel; Burian, Petr; Malich, Milan; Mánek, Petr; Meduna, Lukáš; Mora Sierra, Yesid; Pichotka, Martin Peter; Pušman, Lukáš; Rubovič, Peter; Slavíček, Tomáš; Smolyanskiy, Petr
2021Tracking and separation of relativistic ions using Timepix3 with a 300 um thick silicon sensorSmolyanskiy, P.I.; Azzarello, Philipp; Bergmann, Benedikt; Burian, Petr; Broulím, Pavel; Meduna, Lukáš; Paniccia, Mercedes; Perrina, Chiara; Pospíšil, Stanislav; Wu, X.
2022Understanding ionizing energy losses after charged particle and neutron impact in semiconductors with hybrid pixel detectorsBergmann, Benedikt