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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adjusting BERT’s Pooling Layer for Large-Scale Multi-Label Text ClassificationLehečka, Jan; Švec, Jan; Ircing, Pavel; Šmídl, Luboš
2019Air traffic control communication (ATCC) speech corpora and their use for ASR and TTS developmentŠmídl, Luboš; Švec, Jan; Tihelka, Daniel; Matoušek, Jindřich; Romportl, Jan; Ircing, Pavel
2010Application of expressive TTS synthesis in an advanced ECA systemRomportl, Jan; Zovato, Enrico; Santos, Raúl; Ircing, Pavel; Relaño Gil, José; Danieli, Morena
2010Audiovisual interface for czech spoken dialogue systemIrcing, Pavel; Romportl, Jan; Loose, Zdeněk
2020An Automated Pipeline for Robust Image Processing and Optical Character Recognition of Historical DocumentsGruber, Ivan; Ircing, Pavel; Neduchal, Petr; Hrúz, Marek; Hlaváč, Miroslav; Zajíc, Zbyněk; Švec, Jan; Bulín, Martin
2020Automatic Correction of i/y Spelling in Czech ASR OutputŠvec, Jan; Lehečka, Jan; Šmídl, Luboš; Ircing, Pavel
2011Automatic topic identification for large scale language modeling data filteringSkorkovská, Lucie; Ircing, Pavel; Pražák, Aleš; Lehečka, Jan
2007Benefit of proper language processing for czech speech retrieval in the CL-SR task at CLEF 2006Ircing, Pavel; Müller, Luděk
2020BERT-Based Sentiment Analysis Using DistillationLehečka, Jan; Švec, Jan; Ircing, Pavel; Šmídl, Luboš
2009Czech senior COMPANION: wizard of Oz data collection and expressive speech corpus recording and annotationGrůber, Martin; Legát, Milan; Ircing, Pavel; Romportl, Jan; Psutka, Josef
2009Experiments with automatic query formulation in the extended boolean modelSkorkovská, Lucie; Ircing, Pavel
2019Facilitating Digital Humanities Research in Central Europe through the Advanced Speech and Image Processing TechnologiesŠvec, Jan; Stanislav, Petr; Hrúz, Marek; Pražák, Aleš; Psutka, Josef; Ircing, Pavel
2017First insight into the processing of the historical documents from the period of totalitarian regimesSkorkovská, Lucie; Neduchal, Petr; Zajíc, Zbyněk; Ircing, Pavel; Müller, Luděk; Bureš, Lukáš
2007Information retrieval test collection for searching spontaneous czech speechIrcing, Pavel; Pecina, Pavel; Oard, Douglas W.; Wang, Jianqiang; White, Ryen W.; Hoidekr, Jan
2007Language model adaptation using different class-based modelsPražák, Aleš; Ircing, Pavel; Müller, Luděk
2021OCR Improvements for Images of Multi-page Historical DocumentsGruber, Ivan; Hrúz, Marek; Ircing, Pavel; Neduchal, Petr; Zítka, Tomáš; Hlaváč, Miroslav; Zajíc, Zbyněk; Švec, Jan; Bulín, Martin
2011System for fast lexical and phonetic spoken term detection in a czech cultural heritage archivePsutka, Josef; Švec, Jan; Psutka, Josef V.; Vaněk, Jan; Pražák, Aleš; Šmídl, Aleš; Ircing, Pavel
2021Transformer-Based Automatic Punctuation Prediction and Word Casing Reconstruction of the ASR OutputŠvec, Jan; Lehečka, Jan; Šmídl, Luboš; Ircing, Pavel
2009Using morphological information for robust language modeling in czech ASR systemIrcing, Pavel; Psutka, Josef; Psutka, Josef V.
2008Wizard of Oz data collection for the czech senior companion dialogue systemLegát, Milan; Grůber, Martin; Ircing, Pavel