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Recent Submissions

Lange, Patrick , Weller, Rene , Zachmann, Gabriel
A framework for wait-free data exchange in massively threaded VR systems

A central part of virtual reality systems and game engines is the generation, management and distribution of all relevant world states. In modern interactive graphic software systems usually many independent software components need to communicate and exchange data. Standard approaches...

Zhang, Fan , Tourre, Vincent , Moreau, Guillaume
Using metrics to evaluate and improve text-based information visualization in 3D urban environment

Information visualization is widely involved in our daily life. It develops rapidly in both 2D and 3D environments. In the 3D case, evaluation is a critical problem. Existent evaluation metrics are firstly introduced in this paper. We chose to focus on mathematical metrics&#...

Jeon, Seung-Hyuk , Chung, Yun-koo , Yoon, Ho-sub
Estimating the vanishing point of a sidewalk

In this paper, we propose an algorithm estimating the vanishing point (VP) of a sidewalk in a man-made environment from a single image. For finding the VP, the lines in an image are efficiently exploited as a clue because the projections of parallel lines in a...

Ulrich, Christine , Grund, Nico , Derzapf, Evgenij , Lobachev, Oleg , Guthe, Guthe
Parallel iso-surface extraction and simplification

When extracting iso-surfaces from large volume data sets, long processing times are required and a high number of polygons is generated. We propose a massively parallel iso-surface extraction and simplification algorithm. The extraction is based on the marching cubes algorithm. In...

Brener, Nathan , Harhad, Farid , Karki, Bijaya , Benger, Werner
Multi scale color coding of derived curvature and torsion fields on a multi-block curvilinear grid

We present a method to compute and visualize the curvature and torsion scalar fields derived from a vector field defined on a multi-block curvilinear grid. In order to compute the curvature and torsion fields, we define a uniform Cartesian grid of points in the vol...