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dc.contributor.authorPsutka, Josef
dc.contributor.authorŠvec, Jan
dc.contributor.authorPsutka, Josef V.
dc.contributor.authorVaněk, Jan
dc.contributor.authorPražák, Aleš
dc.contributor.authorŠmídl, Luboš
dc.identifier.citationPSUTKA, Josef; ŠVEC, Jan; PSUTKA, Josef V. [et al.]. Fast phonetic/lexical searching in the archives of the czech holocaust testimonies: advancing towards the MALACH project visions. In: Text, speech and dialogue. Berlin: Springer, 2010, p. 385-391. (Lecture notes in computer science; 6231). ISBN 978-3-642-15759-2.en
dc.description.abstractTento článek popisuje systém pro rychlé fonetické/lexikální prohledávání velkého audiovizuálního archívu českého holokaustu. Popisovaný systém je prvním krokem k naplnění projektu Malach. Více než 1000 hodin výpovědí bylo automaticky rozpoznáno a foneticky indexováno. Speciální pozornost byla věnována nespisvným slovům.cs
dc.format7 s.cs
dc.relation.ispartofseriesLecture notes in computer science; 6231en
dc.rights© Josef Psutka - Jan Švec - Josef V. Psutka - Jan Vaněk - Aleš Pražák - Luboš Šmídlcs
dc.subjectrozpoznávání řečics
dc.subjectfonetické vyhledávánícs
dc.subjectslovní vyhledávánícs
dc.titleFast phonetic/lexical searching in the archives of the czech holocaust testimonies: advancing towards the MALACH project visionsen
dc.title.alternativeRychlé fonetické/lexikální hledání v archivech výpovědí českého holokaustu: směřování k cílům projektu MALACHcs
dc.description.abstract-translatedIn this paper we describe the system for a fast phonetic/lexical searching in the large archives of the Czech holocaust testimonies. The developed system is the first step to a fulfillment of the MALACH project visions [1,2], at least as for an easier and faster access to the Czech part of the archives. More than one thousand hours of spontaneous, accented and highly emotional speech of Czech holocaust survivors stored at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute as videointerviews were automatically transcribed and phonetically/lexically indexed. Special attention was paid to processing of colloquial words that appear very frequently in the Czech spontaneous speech. The final access to the archives is very fast allowing to detect segments of interviews containing pronounced words, clusters of words presented in pre-defined time intervals, and also words that were not included in the working vocabulary (OOV words).en
dc.subject.translatedspeech recognitionen
dc.subject.translatedphonetic searchingen
dc.subject.translatedlexical searchingen
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