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Recent Submissions

Ajgl, Jiří , Straka, Ondřej
Covariance Intersection fusion with element-wise partial knowledge of correlation

Covariance Intersection fusion is a linear rule for combining estimates. If the cross-correlation matrix of the errors of two estimates is unknown, the rule is bound-optimal. This paper elaborates the case when some elements of the cross-correlation matrix are known. Techniques for cons...

Hanzlíček, Zdeněk , Matoušek, Jindřich
Phonetic speech segmentation of audiobooks by using adapted LSTM-based acoustic models

This paper describes experiments on phonetic speech segmentation of audiobooks by using LSTM neural networks. The segmentation procedure includes an iterative adaptation of an initial speaker-independent model. The experimental data involves 5 audiobooks recorded by various renowned Czech speakers. Ab...

Kost, Oliver , Duník, Jindřich , Straka, Ondřej
Identifiability of Unique Elements of Noise Covariances in State-Space Models

This paper deals with identification of noise covariance matrices of a dynamic system described by a linear discrete-in-time time-invariant stochastic state-space model. In particular, the parametric identifiability of the correlations methods is analysed and explicit relations for determination of a&...

Přibáň, Pavel , Steinberger, Josef
Czech Dataset for Cross-lingual Subjectivity Classification

In this paper, we introduce a new Czech subjectivity dataset of 10k manually annotated subjective and objective sentences from movie reviews and descriptions. Our prime motivation is to provide a reliable dataset that can be used with the existing English dataset as a benchmark...

Kolovský, František , Ježek, Jan , Kolingerová, Ivana
The ε-approximation of the Label Correcting Modification of the Dijkstra's Algorithm

This paper is focused on searching the shortest paths for all departure times (profile search). This problem is called a time-dependent shortest path problem (TDSP) and is important for optimization in transportation. Particularly this paper deals with the ε-approximation of TDSP. The p...