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Recent Submissions

Capek, Pavel , Vesely, Martin , Svoboda, Miloš , Remzova, Monika , Zouzelka, Radek , Kocirik, Milan , Brabec, Libor , Rathousky, Jiri
Bohemian sandstone for restoration of cultural heritage sites: 3D microstructure and mass transport properties

We characterised the microstructure of sandstone from the Msene locality (Czech Republic) by combining X-ray computed micro-tomography, back-scattered electron imaging, chemical composition analysis and textural analysis and gas permeation. Both, 2D and 3D images were commonly processed by linking an&...

Drábek, Pavel , Zahradníková, Michaela
Traveling waves for generalized Fisher-Kolmogorov equation with discontinuous density dependent diffusion

We are concerned with the existence and qualitative properties of traveling wave solutions for a quasilinear reaction-diffusion equation on the real line. We consider a non-Lipschitz reaction term of Fisher-KPP type and a discontinuous diffusion coefficient that allows for degenerations and ...

Weiss, Nils
Testování zabezpečení v sítích pro bezpečnostně kritické aplikace

The evolution of cars from mechanical systems to rolling computers creates new requirements for safety and security engineering. Nowadays, every vehicle contains a safety-critical real-time communication network to fulfill its function. Especially the increasing connectivity of automotive systems enlarged&...

Včelák, Petr
Rozsáhlé informační systémy - standardizace metadat

The dissertation thesis deals with the standardization of metadata in the combination of information systems and multidisciplinary data-oriented medical research. Metadata standardization in the thesis does not only consist of a suitable, unambiguous, and comprehensible description based on ontologies ...

Vašíček, Vojtěch
Monitorování vibrací oběžných lopatek parních turbín s využitím analýzy rotorového chvění

This dissertation deals in detail with diagnostics and monitoring of steam turbine rotating blades. Specifically, it focuses on the rotating blades of the last bladed wheel of the low-pressure turbine. Blades installed in this part are forced to vibrate at most due to their si...