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Recent Submissions

Solařová, Kristýna
Distanční výuka z pohledu adolescentů v době pandemie Covid-19

The thesis deals with adolescents' perspectives on distance education during the Covid-19 pandemic. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters: the characteristics of the adolescence period, its important developmental stages complemented by an analysis of psychosocial issues and the ...

Tenková, Kateřina
Člověk v digitálním roji podle B.-Ch. Hana

The aim of this thesis is to describe the positive society according to B. Ch. Han. Closely related to the positive society is the violence of positivity, which is typical of our times. The violence of positivity is then reflected into the digital space. The thesis&...

Fišerová, Klára
Behaviorálně kognitivní analýza týraných dětí

Child abuse and sexual exploitation are global issues that, despite efforts to prevent them, continue to affect many children. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to raise awareness of the consequences of abuse on children's mental health and to provide a comprehensive ove...

Levičková, Pavla
Firemní kultura a její vliv na spokojenost zaměstnanců

The bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of corporate culture and its influence on employee satisfaction in the organization. The goal of the work is to analyze and evaluate the level of satisfaction in society. The work is structured into two initial parts, theoretical ...

Kuberová, Adriana
Pojetí sebevraždy ve stoické filosofii

This thesis bears the title of The concept of suicide in the Stoic philosophy. The aim of this work is to analyse how death and suicide have been perceived across the Stoic philosophy. The first chapter introduces the Stoic school as a whole and is ended with St...