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Wieczorek, Bożena , Połomski, Marcin
Sequential and parallel simulated annealing to solve the VRPTW

This work presents sequential and parallel simulated annealing algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW). The VRPTW is a combinatorial optimization problem in which the number of vehicles and the total distance travelled by the vehicles are to ...

Skowronek, Konrad
Linguistic variables for identification of photovoltaic matrix

The paper presents the problems of assessing the effect of changes in the properties of a photovoltaic matrix (photocells) induced by its faulty operation. The principles of determining the degree of changes in matrix properties in order to identify its parameters is propose...

Michniakova, Mária , Janoušek, Ladislav , Smetana, Milan
Impact of probe configuration on cracks’ resolution in pulsed eddy current non-destructive evaluation

Pulsed eddy current non-destructive evaluation is concerned in the paper. Impact of eddy-current probe’s configuration on response signals, especially on crack’s depth resolution from the signals is numerically investigated. Orientation of an exciting coil of the probe regarding surface of...

Jajczyk, Jarosław
Genetic algorithm and parallel computing

The paper presents an optimisation algorithm for the geometry of three-phase unscreened high-current busways with solid insulation. A genetic algorithm method and parallel computing were used for this purpose. Moreover, the paper discusses the methodology of defining an objective function&...

Machulec, Boleslaw
Equilibrium model of the ferrosilicon melting process in the submerged arc furnace

It has been presented a model that simulates of the ferrosilicon smelting process in submerged arc furnace. The model is a system of two closed isothermal reactors: the upper one with lower temperature T1, and the lower one with the higher temperature T2 among whic...

Lahoda, Jiří
Discrete-time and digital chaotic systems synthesis

This paper describes new method of high order discrete-time chaotic systems synthesis. Proposed method is based on a special system structure called dissipation normal form and leads to chaos in conservative systems. A study of quantization effects indicates that presented method ...

Sokół, Radosław
Serialization of data structures in the C++ programming language using the reflection information

In all cases a data structure (or an array of data structures) needs to be serialized or deserialized in the C++ programming language, a developer needs to write his or her own code. If the serialization mechanism needs to accommodate further expansion of the struc...

Lewandowski, Michał , Maciążek, Marcin , Pasko, Marian
Integration of harmonic flow analysis software with database of non-linear loads

Paper presents algorithm for frequency model estimation of non-linear loads. Algorithm takes time based waveforms (current, voltage) from the database (PostgresSQL) and using one of the Fourier analysis methods evaluates the amplitudefrequency and phase-frequency characteristics of the load. Th...

Jarmuda, Tomasz , Putz, Łukasz
"Intelligent Building” safety using the microprocessor UPS emergency power system

This paper presents Teletask system composed of components for IB safety laboratory. The study also shows types of grid disturbances in the city and their impact on the work of energy devices in intelligent buildings. Nine basic types of interference encountered in the ...

Mráz, Jan
Time-gated near-field antenna measurements in cylindrical coordinates

Near-field correction together with time gating improves the accuracy of measurements carried out in antenna sites of anechoic-chamber type. A measurement procedure has been proposed to obtain antenna patterns utilizing both aforementioned methods.

Baron, Bernard , Świszcz, Piotr , Kraszewski, Tomasz
The interpretation of electrical measurements of submerged arc-resistance furnace

The article describes measurement of currents and voltages in submerged arc-resistance electric furnace which were done to identify arc parameters. Waveforms of registered currents and voltages have been shown. Characteristics of arc developed in original C# software has been presented.

Nocoń, Adrian , Boboń, Andrzej , Paszek, Stefan , Pasko, Marian , Pruski, Piotr , Majka, Łukasz , Szuster, Dominik , Bojarska, Maria
Measurement parameter estimation of the model of a synchronous generator working in thermal electric power plant

The paper presents parameter estimation of the model of a turbogenerator of rated power PN=50 MW working in a thermal electric power plant. The disturbance waveforms measured at a step change of the reference voltage of the generator voltage regulator – for generator pa...

Polcar, Petr , Mayer, Daniel , Pánek, David
A novel approach to magnetic fluids permeability measurement

This paper deals with problems of permeability measurement of magnetic fluids. The low permeability of magnetic fluids bring certain problems to adequately measure their magnetic properties due to leakage flux, their liquid state makes the process even more difficult. Our approach...

Vlasov, Vadim , Nemihin, Yuri , Shcheklein, Sergey
The use of low hydropower possibilities for the increase of the NPP auxiliaries redundancy reliability

It is considered the problem of the reliability increase of the emergency power system of major energy objects auxiliaries with the supply of various energy sources (diesel and hydroelectric generators). The effect of the additional redundancy on the probability of emergency powe...

Kasprzyk, Leszek , Stein, Zbigniew , Zielińska, Mária
Some problems of asymmetric load of a three-phase transformer

The paper presents dependence of asymmetric receivers of RLC type on the output parameters of a transformer. The analysis has been carried out for the case of the transformer supplied from a symmetrical threephase network. Results of the analysis are presented in the fo...

Głuchy, Damian , Filipiak, Michał
Review of photovoltaic modules and systems

The paper presents propositions of commercial solutions for photovoltaic systems, which allow solar energy to be acquired, as well as shows how it can be converted into electric energy. The delineation of the problem and the analysis thereof are intended to intr...

Pasierbek, Artur
PMU-based method for power line parameters estimation

The paper presents a method for estimating parameters of a power line, developed and tested by the Author. The parameters are being estimated by means of an interpretation of indications of synchrophasors installed on both ends of a power line. The real-time estimation ...

Mach, František , Karban, Pavel
High voltage insulator for outdoor use solved by adaptive finite element method

Problems of automatic adaptivity in finite element method of higher orders of accuracy are discussed. Particular attention is paid to hp-adaptivity that exhibits the highest level of flexibility and extremely fast convergence. The theoretical aspects are illustrated by an example of&#...

Nawrowski, Artur
Direction of illumination system development in the XXI century in European union

The article presents insights into the evolution of modern illumination systems. Emphasis was placed on the characterization of the three groups of issues currently existing in the illumination and having an impact on its evolution. The significance of the various factors affecti...

Putz, Łukasz , Jarmuda, Tomasz
Cost-effectiveness analysis and energy balance of lighting installations based on LED lamps and traditional fluorescent lamps

The publication discusses and compares traditional fluorescent lamps, which are still in use for the most part, with modern electroluminescent lamps, which are being more and more often installed. An energy balance was prepared for both types of lighting. Then, a cost-effectivene...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56