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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Increases High but Not Low Intensity Repetitions to Failure in Resistance-Trained MalesKarayigit, Raci; Esar, Mustafa Can; Gur, Fatih; Sari, Cengizhan; Čepička, Ladislav; Gabryś, Tomasz
2022High-Dose Nitrate Supplementation Attenuates the Increased Blood Pressure Responses to Isometric Blood Flow Restriction Exercise in Healthy MalesEsen, Ozcan; Čepička, Ladislav; Gabryś, Tomasz; Karayigit, Raci
2022Relationship among the Change of Direction Ability, Sprinting, Jumping Performance, Aerobic Power and Anaerobic Speed Reserve: A Cross-Sectional Study in Elite 3x3 Basketball PlayersMikolajec, Kazimierz; Gabryś, Tomasz; Gryko, Karol; Prończuk, Magdalena; Krzysztofik, Michal; Trybek, Grzegorz; Maszczyk, Adam
2022Does Dominant Somatotype Differentiate Performance of Jumping and Sprinting Variables in Young Healthy Adults?Cinarli, Fahri Safa; Buyukceleby, Hakan; Esen, Oscan; Barasinska, Magdalena; Čepička, Ladislav; Gabryś, Tomasz; Nalbant, Umut; Karayigit, Raci
2022Effect of Post-Activation Potentiation on Sprint Performance after Combined Electromyostimulation and Back SquatsSari, Cengizhan; Koz, Mitat; Salcman, Václav; Gabryś, Tomasz; Karayigit, Raci
2022Eight Days of L-Citrulline or L-Arginine Suplementation Did Not Improve 200-m and 100-m Swimming Time TrialsEsen, Ozcan; Eser, Mustafa Can; Abdioglu, Mekki; Benešová, Daniela; Gabryś, Tomasz; Karayigit, Raci
2022Development of the Effect of Video Assistant Referee Application on Football ParametersBuyukcelebi, Hakan; Duz, Serkan; Acak, Mahmut; Nalbant, Umut; Švátora, Karel; Gabryś, Tomasz; Karayigit, Raci
2022The Use of Vibration Training in Men after Myocardial InfarctionNowak-Lis, Agata; Nowak, Zbigniew; Gabryś, Tomasz; Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula; Baťalík, Ladislav; Knappová, Věra
2022The Effects of Two Different Rest Intervals on the Repeated Skating Ability of Ice Hockey Forwards and DefensemenBaron, Jakub; Gupta, Subir; Bieniec, Anna; Klich, Grzegorz; Gabryś, Tomasz; Swinarew, Andrzej Szymon; Švátora, Karel; Stanula, Arkadiusz
2022Relationship between Unilateral Leg Extension Strength and Dynamic Balance in Healthy Young MenCinarli, Fahri Safa; Adanur, Oguzhan; Esen, Ozcan; Barasinska, Magdalena; Čepička, Ladislav; Gabryś, Tomasz; Karayigit, Raci