Termomechanika technologických procesů / Thermomechanics of Technological Processes (CT3)

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Moskovchenko, Alexey , Švantner, Michal , Vavilov, Vladimir P. , Chulkov, Arsenii O.
Characterizing Depth of Defects with Low Size/Depth Aspect Ratio and Low Thermal Reflection by Using Pulsed IR Thermography

This study is focused on the quantitative estimation of defect depth by applying pulsed thermal nondestructive testing. The majority of known defect characterization techniques are based on 1D heat conduction solutions, thus being inappropriate for evaluating defects with low aspect ratios. ...

Martan, Jiří , Prokešová, Lucie , Moskal, Denys , de Faria, B. C. Ferreira , Honner, Milan , Lang, Vladislav
Heat accumulation temperature measurement in ultrashort pulse laser micromachining

Ultrashort pulse laser micromachining is affected by the heat accumulation resulting from the residual heat from previous laser pulses on the sample surface. Up to now, most of the works analysed the accumulation by numerical modelling. The present work focussed on development and ...

Vangaever, Stijn , Van Thielen, Joost , Hood, Jeremy , Olver, John , Honnerová, Petra , Heynderickx, Geraldine J. , Van Geem, Kevin M.
The effect of refractory wall emissivity on the energy efficiency of a gas-fired steam cracking pilot unit

The effect of high emissivity coatings on the radiative heat transfer in steam cracking furnaces is far from understood. To start, there is a lack of experimental data describing the emissive properties of the materials encountered in steam cracking furnaces. Therefore, spectral normal&...

Dilawary, Shaikh Asad Ali , Motallebzadeh, Amir , Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka , Cimenoglu, Huseyin
Microstructural evolution upon10-wt% mo alloying and laser surface melting of M2 high speed steels hardfacings

The article aims to comprehend the microstructural changes, in Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) deposited M2 high speed steel (HSS) hardfacings upon incorporation of 10wt% Mo alloying during deposition followed by laser surface melting. PTA deposited hardfacings were produced over 4140 steel. Then&...

Vostřák, Marek , Hajšman, Jan , Hruška, Matěj , Keslová, Anna
Comparison of mechanical properties of laser cladded WC and (TIW)C1-X IN NI based alloy coatings

For wear demanding applications, the metal matrix composites (MMC) are often used due to their high wear resistance, and the tungsten carbide is often used as hard reinforcing particles. Nevertheless, there are still some limits of WC, mainly its deterioration due to heat load ...