Katedra ekonomie a kvantitativních metod / Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods


Recent Submissions

Papoušková, Květa
Vehicle routing problem with cross-docking as part of industry 4.0 logistics

The trends associated with the onset of Industry 4.0 are obvious and require a prompt response from the company. An indisputable advantage is the use of the cross-docking strategy, which makes it possible to coordinate all logistics processes and achieve optimization of tran...

Martinčík, David , Šlechtová Sojková, Olga
Relationship between social value orientation and the tendency to trust others

Trust in others is essential for people’s collaboration and has considerable economic effects. The current production in all sectors, especially those with the highest value-added, is complicated and requires the intensive cooperation of all participants. Trust is vital for a good-wor...

Marková, Věra , Gangur, Mikuláš
Big data and data mining methods in the tourism industry in the Czech republic

The increasing volume of data is also becoming a new challenge for the tourism industry and research. Research on the use of big data in tourism and its analysis using advanced analytical methods such as data mining, machine learning, or artificial intelligence is gaining impo...

Kresa, Zdeněk , Heyes, Adam
Carsharing a další formy sdílené mobility: případová studie z Plzně

The sharing economy is a phenomenon of the present time. The principle of sharing is successfully used in the field of mobility in the form of services such as bikesharing, carsharing or ridesharing. This paper focuses on the analysis of the offer of shared mobilit...

Vocke, Thorsten , Gangur, Mikuláš
The impact of artificial intelligence in the finance sector and its chances

Since Artificial Intelligence has entered almost all parts of the industry, the finance sector is highly influenced by Big data and Artificial Intelligence. For the article, the following research question has been formulated: “What are the key success factors to implement AI...