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Pokrivčák, Ján , Ciaian, Pavel , Lančarič, Drahoslav , Michalička, Tomáš , Plevný, Miroslav
Where are craft breweries located? The role of agglomeration, tourism, and know-how

The objective of this article is to identify main drivers determining the geographical location of craft breweries in Slovakia. The main contribution of the article to the literature is to provide empirical evidence on the location determines of small firms as well as the focu...

Kononets, Yevhen , Treiblmaier, Horst , Rajčániová, Miroslava
Applying blockchain-based smart contracts to eliminate unfair trading practices in the food supply chain

In this paper we critically evaluate the applicability of blockchain-based smart contracts to reduce unfair trading practices (UTPs) in the food supply chain. Face-to-face interviews and a quantitative survey were used to collect and analyse the opinions of 20 experts in blockchain and&...

Tlučhoř, Jan , Přibáň, Pavel , Gangur, Mikuláš , Ircingová, Jarmila , Dagmar, Jakubíková , Janeček, Petr , Maříková, Hana , Štumpf, Petr
Vnímání města v kontextu historické památky na příkladu chebských krovů

The paper deals with the perception and image of the town Cheb in the context of historical heritage. Since 2017, the town has been running a tour of historic trusses. The aim of the research was to determine the influence of this activity on the image of...

Wroblewski, Bartlomiej , Petrenko, Olesya
Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis of expectations and needs of engineering students and graduates: a case study at the University of West Bohemia

A good command of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) among Czech engineers seems to be of crucial importance since the engineering field has been developing rapidly and the Czech labour market is becoming increasingly international (Eurostat 2022). The authors of the article, who ...

Lazorcakova, Ema , Dries, Liesbeth , Peerlings, Jack , Pokrivčák, Ján
Potential of the bioeconomy in Visegrad countries: An input-output approach

The EU has placed high priority on the expansion of the bioeconomy with the aim to reduce the use of non-renewable resources, to mitigate climate change, and to develop prospering local economies. However, only few Member States have defined quantitative economic or environmental t...

Brañas-Garza, Pablo , Jorrat, Diego Andrés , Alfonso, A. , Espín, Antonio M. , Muñoz, Tere García , Kovářík, Jaromír
Exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic environment and generosity

We report data from an online experiment which allows us to study how generosity changed over a 6-day period during the initial explosive growth of the COVID-19 pandemic in Andalusia, Spain, while the country was under a strict lockdown. Participants (n = 969) could donate...

Tóth, Marian , Pokrivčák, Ján
Ekonomické prínosy pestovania cukrovej repy na Slovensku

Mišečka, Tomáš , Ciaian, Pavel , Rajčániová, Miroslava , Pokrivčák, Ján
In search of attention in agricultural commodity markets

This paper investigates the impact of attention driven behaviour on agricultural commodity prices. We proxy attention driven behaviour using search queries for the commodity names in Google. We apply the ARDL model to estimate the impact of search queries on three internationally traded...

Ircingová, Jarmila , Tlučhoř, Jan , Gangur, Mikuláš
Srovnání přístupů ke správě a strategii rozvoje nemovitostí ve vlastnictví obcí

The paper deals with the comparison of approaches to the real estate management in selected municipalities of the Czech Republic. Individual municipalities can choose different ways of property management from ad hoc management by the mayor to outsourcing of administration to an&...

Brož, Václav , Pfeifer, Lukáš
Are the Risk Weights of Banks in the Czech Republic Procyclical?

We analyze the cyclicality of risk weights of banks in the Czech Republic from 2008 to 2016. We differentiate between risk weights under the internal ratings-based and those under the standardized approach, consider both the business cycle and the financial cycle, and employ wavele...

Pfeifer, Lukáš , Konečný, Tomáš
Macroprudential ring-fencing

This paper aims to focus on capital-related macroprudential policies in the context of recent policy discussions on the removal of barriers to the mobility of capital and liquidity of cross-border banks in the European Union (EU). This study first discusses the link between financi...

Svoboda, Milan , Říhová, Pavla
Stock price prediction using Markov chains analysis with varying state space on data from the Czech republic

The article describes empirical research that deals with short-term stock price prediction. The aim of this study is to use this prediction to create successful business models. A business model that outperforms the stock market, represented by the Buy and Hold strategy, is conside...

Hodula, Martin , Komárková, Zlatuše , Pfeifer, Lukáš
The relationship between capital and liquidity prudential instruments

Basel III introduced unweighted capital standard and new regulatory liquidity standards to complement the revised risk-weighted capital requirements. This change in banking sector regulation raised questions on how the capital and liquidity requirements interact and how they should be jointly tre...

Galaso, Pablo , Kovářík, Jaromír
Collaboration networks, geography and innovation: Local and national embeddedness

The relationship between collaboration, geography and innovation has been analysed in economic geography. However, little is known from a social-network perspective about whether different geographical levels of embeddedness may determine the way networks affect innovation. To address this issue, we&#...

Bieleková, Eva , Pokrivčák, Ján
Determinants of International Beer Export

The aim of this paper was to identify factors influencing dynamics of international beer export. The Poisson pseudo maximum likelihood estimator was employed to estimate the export determinants of the biggest global beer exporters to 199 destinations between 2000 and 2017. We estimated&...

Pokrivčák, Ján , Tóth, Marián , Ciaian, Pavel , Bušík, Martin , Svorenčík, Andrej
Why cannot direct payments be capped in Slovakia? A political economy perspective

Annually the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides support to the farming sector amounting to more than EUR 50 billion in the EU, of which direct payments (DPs) take around 70%. DPs are often argued to be granted unfairly to large farms. In this paper we analyse ...

Jarý, Čestmír

Economic development since the Industrial Revolution has created an environment of the micro and macro spheres. But globalization has added mesoeconomics to this structure. The present shows that the national economy is dependent on a few large companies that make up a decisive par...

Janáček, Jaroslav , Gábrišová, Lýdia , Plevný, Miroslav
Fair facility allocation in emergency service system

The request of equal accessibility must be respected to some extent when dealing with problems of designing or rebuilding of emergency service systems. Not only the disutility of the average user but also the disutility of the worst situated user must be taken into considerati...

Martinčík, David

Pokrivčák, Ján , Chovancová Supeková, Soňa , Lančarič, Drahoslav , Savov, Radovan , Tóth, Marián , Vašina, Radoslav
Development of beer industry and craft beer expansion

The objective of this paper is to evaluate how globalization of Slovak economy and its economic growth affected not only the structure of the traditional beer market in Slovakia but also the rise and expansion of craft breweries. The theory is focused on examining an inte...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51