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Recent Submissions

Januška, Martin , Palacká, Alena
Critical Success Factors for Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions in Central Europe: Empirical Study

This article aims to evaluate critical success factors in the use of the Public Procurement for Innovations (PPI) concept. The first part of the article deals with a systematic research literature review on the topic of critical success factors for PPI. In the second part,...

Polívka, Martin , Dvořáková, Lilia
Oblasti a překážky využívání technologií průmyslu 4.0 relevantních ve vztahu k erp systémům v podnikové praxi

The basic principle of the Industry 4.0 is the close interconnection of the real and virtual word through the modern technologies. There are still various opinions on what the technologies, which will play decisive role in this interconnection, are. Nevertheless, there is a set...

Valentová, Martina
Agriculture 4.0 - theory and practice

Agriculture is one of the basic building cornerstones of human civilisation. Like other human activities, agriculture has undergone changes over the centuries and has evolved with human knowledge. This paper addresses the issue of the latest stage of agricultural development, which&#x...

Pokorný, Jan
Risk management: případová studie penzijní společnosti

Pension companies represent an essential element in the diversification of pension systems. Risk plays an integral part in their management, which is the focus of risk management. The contribution aims to present the risk management issue focused on actors and the application...

Kouřil, Radovan
Relation of business process management and digital transformation - literature review

Digital transformation, digitization, or business process management are terms often mentioned by academics and practitioners. Nowadays, the world could hardly function without any digitization. Together with business process management, it helps companies to increase their accomplishment in the...