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Recent Submissions

Kačerová, Ilona
Návrh modelu pro predikci zatížení horních končetin u výrobních pracovníků

The presented dissertation deals with the problem of measuring the local muscle load of the upper forearm during manipulation of various loads to different working positions, which are commonly found in industrial environments. The aim of the work is the development of a model ...

Novikov, Konstantin
Zefektivnění provádění výrobních procesů v rámci organizační přípravy výroby

The dissertation deals with the topic of modern visualization tools and their use in industrial practice, especially in the technical preparation of production. The work is designed in such a way that from the beginning, it contains a survey of the current state of knowledge&#...

Aleksenko, Borys A. , Dobrotvorskiy, Sergey , Basova, Yevheniia , Sokol, Yevgen , Edl, Milan , Dobrovolska, Ludmila
Innovative Technology to Combat Sars-Cov Using a Finely Dispersed Catching Medium and Microwave Energy

Due to the current acute problem of combating the SARS-CoV coronavirus, our team has proposed an innovative technology to combat the virus in closed or ventilated rooms. The developed design of ventilation equipment ensures the inactivation of coronavirus by thermal exposure of sufficie...

Broum, Tomáš , Malaga, Miroslav , Šimon, Michal , Froněk, Michael
Sensor systems for automation in industry 4.0

The paper presents a basic analysis of applicable active sensing systems for use in automated manufacturing equipment and robotics. The paper is divided into sensor and vision solutions and briefly describes inductive sensors, magnetic sensors, ultrasonic sensors and optical sensors (conventional...

Rybnikár, Filip , Kačerová, Ilona , Hořejší, Petr , Šimon, Michal
Ergonomics Evaluation Using Motion Capture Technology—Literature Review

Due to the increasingly high proportion of manual activities in production processes, there is a constant risk of musculoskeletal disorders or work-related injuries. The risk of these problems is exacerbated by the trend towards an ageing working population. European legislation is pressing&...