Katedra matematiky, fyziky a technické výchovy / Department of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Education


Recent Submissions

Tomášková, Tetjana , Krotký, Jan , Honzíková, Jarmila
A new way to teach sustainable development in school

The article is focused on new ways of teaching sustainable development in schools. The aim of the article is to present historical milestones, to summarize brief information about the goals and concept of sustainable development, about global education in the s...

Soukup, Vojtěch , Turek, Jonáš , Moc, Pavel
Siemens logo for primary school

The project using an industrial PLC controller was our semester work for the KMT/AMKB subject. The goal was to create an educational tool for elementary school students using a purely industrial component such as Siemens Logo to develop their awareness of automation&#x...

Pál, Jakub , Moc, Pavel
Programming intelligent wiring in the home at primary school

This article deals with automation in the home with a focus on intelligent electrical installations. In general, the meaning and concept of automation is involved in the everyday life of a person in order to give the reader a basic idea of its importance.&#x...

Housarová, Pavlína , Honzíková, Jarmila
Educational cards for working with wood for the 1st grade of primary school

The educational area World and the world of work for the 1st grade of the elementary school includes the section Working with small materials, where children work with various materials and thus learn manual skills, get to know tools, tools and aids for this...

Juráčková, Michaela , Krotký, Jan
Photovoltaic system in education

For my thesis, I chose the topic Photovoltaic system, its parameters and measurements. I have chosen this topic because of its topicality, since nowadays the attention is turning mainly to renewable energy sources, which have the task of less burden on the enviro...