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Tomášková, Tetjana , Krotký, Jan , Honzíková, Jarmila
A new way to teach sustainable development in school

The article is focused on new ways of teaching sustainable development in schools. The aim of the article is to present historical milestones, to summarize brief information about the goals and concept of sustainable development, about global education in the s...

Soukup, Vojtěch , Turek, Jonáš , Moc, Pavel
Siemens logo for primary school

The project using an industrial PLC controller was our semester work for the KMT/AMKB subject. The goal was to create an educational tool for elementary school students using a purely industrial component such as Siemens Logo to develop their awareness of automation&#x...

Pál, Jakub , Moc, Pavel
Programming intelligent wiring in the home at primary school

This article deals with automation in the home with a focus on intelligent electrical installations. In general, the meaning and concept of automation is involved in the everyday life of a person in order to give the reader a basic idea of its importance.&#x...

Housarová, Pavlína , Honzíková, Jarmila
Educational cards for working with wood for the 1st grade of primary school

The educational area World and the world of work for the 1st grade of the elementary school includes the section Working with small materials, where children work with various materials and thus learn manual skills, get to know tools, tools and aids for this...

Buršíková, Dana , Kohout, Jiří , Bílková, Zuzana , Jošt, Jiří
Knowledge of and attitudes towards epilepsy among homeroom teachers of children with epilepsy in the Czech Republic

Objective: Significant attention has been devoted to knowledge of and attitudes toward epilepsy among teachers, and the importance of their previous experience with epilepsy has been proved. However, no information about a specific group of homeroom teachers is available despite their import...

Vakili, Mohammadtaghi , Gholami, Fatemeh , Zwain, Haider M. , Wang, Wei , Mojiri, Amin , Tomáš, Martin , Cagnetta, Giovanni , Gholizadeh, Reza , Dastyar, Wafa , Gholami, Zahra
Removal of GenX by APTES functionalized diepoxyoctane cross-linked chitosan beads

Perfluoro-2-propoxypropanoic acid ammonium salt, commonly known as GenX, is a persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic synthetic organofluorine compound utilized in producing various products. It has become a concern due to its extensive presence in the aquatic environment and its resistance to con...

Šafránková, Jana Marie , Coufalová, Jana , Šikýř, Martin
The quality assessment methods of teaching in Czech Republic

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is the only public higher education institution in the Pilsen Region. The evalution of the quality and the evalution of education at universities, methods of evaluating teaching and assessment are one of the key criteria for university ...

Šafránková, Jana Marie , Šikýř, Martin , Coufalová, Jana
Development and support of higher education in the Pilsen region

Based on the authorś scientific cooperation research resultr, and teaching experience, the goal article is to analyze examples of development and support of higher education in the Pilsen region.

Krotký, Jan , Honzíková, Jarmila
Reakce učitelů na zjištění přítomnosti podvádění při ověřování znalostí na střední škole

The article presents answers in the form of opinions of high school teachers on school cheating. A questionnaire survey of hundreds of high school teachers found out the main directions in tackling cheating in knowledge verification, especially in testing. Almost half of the respon...

Kohout, Jiří , Buršíková, Dana , Frank, Jan , Lukavský, Jindřich , Masopust, Pavel , Motlíková, Iva , Rohlíková, Lucie , Slavík, Jan , Stacke, Václav , Vejvodová, Jana , Voltrová, Michaela
Predictors of the Effectiveness of Different Approaches to Pandemic Distance Learning

Significant attention has been devoted to the forced switch to distance learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some aspects of this issue that are very important for practice are still understudied. The aim of this study is to describe the development of ...

Kohout, Jiří , Šiška, Jan , Beadle-Brown, Julie , Čáslava, Pavel , Truhlářová, Zuzana
Measuring the Perceived Importance of Indicators of the Quality of Social Care Services

Purpose: We aimed to develop and validate an instrument measuring perceived importance of indicators of the quality of social care services in different groups of stakeholders. Method: 671 respondents (249 representatives of public administration, 217 social service&#x...

Honzíková, Jarmila
Přírodní textilní vlákna v edukaci pro budoucnost

Long and flat fabrics are one of the materials that children get to know at an early age in the form of clothes. At the first stage of primary school, they not only work with this material, they also know the ways of its acquisition and processing. The curr...

Kazana, Athina , Armakolas, Stefanos , Kazantzis, Savvas , Krotký, Jan
The Teacher’s Cognitive Role in the Efficiency of Distance Education: A Case Study

This paper aims to examine preservice teachers’ views of the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPAITE) regarding the skills of online teachers-counselors and the effectiveness of distance education during the pandemic of COVID-19. The aim of the conducted study is related&#...

Čubová, Andrea , Pěchoučková, Šárka
Schopnost dětí v mateřské škole řešit různé druhy porovnávání

Multiple preschool establishments participated at an experiment with the aim to assess children’s ability to solve diverse types of comparison-related problems. Children in the age of 5–6 years were included in this experiment. 12 tasks were created with focus on natural, basic, reduced...

Moc, Pavel
Programování počítačem řízených strojů na ZŠ – předvýzkum

In primary education, we usually only encounter the programming computer-controlled machines with 3D printing. Schools usually do not have other machines, for example, CNC milling machine, laser milling machine, etc. The incriminated issue can of course also be applied to other&...

Ungr, Tomáš , Moc, Pavel
Inteligentní elektroinstalace v domácnosti

This article deals with the comparison of classic wiring and smart wiring in the home. We will describe the classic electrical installation and focus on its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of intelligent wiring, we will look at its principle. We will compare partial&...

Nedvědová, Jana , Pěchoučková, Šárka
Herní činnosti v matematice

A probe took place at the 1st stage of primary school with the aim of creating their own mathematical play activities for pupils in the 1st to 5th grades, implementing them with pupils and carrying out reflections. When creating didactic games, we were mainly ...

Hrdličková, Natálie , Honzíková, Jarmila , Aichinger, Daniel
Didaktické pomůcky v předškolním zařízení

Children in pre-primary education perceive the world around them with all their senses. From a teacher’s perspective it is important to involve these human senses as far as possible. Therefore, such didactic aids are often used to gain new knowledge that are interestin...

Sedláčková, Alena , Simbartl, Petr
Testování květinových námětů na tvoření pro děti v MŠ

This paper addresses themes for the development of fine motor skills in children in kindergarten. It focuses on the importance of fine motor skills in children, which is necessary for their development and when starting primary school. It gives reasons why this needs to be...

Fadrhonc, Jan , Honzíková, Jarmila
Technical Subjects and Their Popularity in Context of Technical Education Support

Considering the great social demand for qualified technically oriented workers, it is necessary to develop the interest in technical fields. The article introduces research focused on mapping the current situation of (non)interest of primary-school students in technical fields and especially veri...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 116