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Recent Submissions

Civínová, Pavlína
Pakt čtyř velmocí (1932-1933) jako prostředek italského revizionismu

The Four-Power Pact, proposed by Benito Mussolini in March 1933, was to represent the cooperation of Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany. Mussolini first mentioned the idea of cooperation in a speech to supporters in Turin in the autumn of 1932, but at that time it&#...

Lhoták, Jan
Women Credit Activities in a Rural Town in Bohemia in the 18th Century. The Case of Lidmila Löschová

The role of widows in the artisan-agrarian urban society in East-Central Europe was usually narrowed down to the position of provisional manager of the bequeathed property until a male heir reached adulthood. However, some individual stories show us that women often times were also...

Khás, Petr
Josef Beran a Josef Hlouch - dvě vůdčí osobnosti západočeského katolicismu a jejich společné vězení

This paper focuses on two leading figures of West Bohemian Catholicism - Bishop Josef Hlouch and Archbishop Josef Beran. The main part of the text is focused on their joint internment in the years 1952-1963 in the secret government buildings of Růžodol, Myštěves and Paběnice.

Kotva, Aleš
Aspekty britsko-německého jednání o alianci z roku 1901

The aim of the study is to summarise several factors which greatly infl uenced the course of British-German relations on an alliance and at the same time explain the foundations for the actual emergence of these negotiations. Within the framework of the established goals, it&#...

Tóth, Andrej , Kratochvílová, Inka , Drábek, Jakub , Novotný, Lukáš , Hellerová, Věra , Červený, Martin , Tóthová, Valérie
On the Issue of the Spanish Flu in the First Czechoslovak Republic

The aim of this paper is to summarize the impact of Spanish influenza on the Czechoslovak Republic, examine the spread of Spanish influenza, and analyze its impact on the mortality of the population. The work is based on an analysis of mostly secondary historical sources ...