Volume 6 (2012)

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Zeman, Vladimír , Hlaváč, Zdeněk
Dynamic response of nuclear fuel assembly excited by pressure pulsations

Zaryankin, Arkadiy , Arianov, Sergey , Storoguk, Sergey , Rogalev, Andrey
Self-contained gas turbine unite with turbine expander drive of the compressor for the gas distribution station

Verma, K. L.
Thermoelastic wave propagation in laminated composites plates

Sayyad, Atteshamuddin Shamshuddin , Ghugal, Yuwaraj M.
Buckling analysis of thick isotropic plates by using exponential shear deformation theory

Polach, Pavel , Hajžman, Michal , Šika, Zbyněk
Influence of crucial parameters of the system of an inverted pendulum driven by fibres on its dynamic behaviour