Ročník 2010


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Peroutka, Zdeněk , Glasberger, Tomáš , Molnár, Jan
Algoritmy řízení a regulace výstupního napěťového střídače diesel-elektrické napájecí jednotky

This paper describes control algorithms for the output part of a diesel-electric power supply unit which is composed of a three-phase four-leg voltage source inverter with a sinusoidal filter. The paper is focused on the development of PWM strategies for the mentioned inverter. The...

Rot, David , Kožený, Jiří
Modelování startu tavby oxidů kovů elektromagnetickou indukcí ve studeném kelímku

The article deals with various options of starting the induction melting process of metal oxides and other materials in a cold crucible. This application is often referred to as skull-melting-method because the to-be-melted material gets melted in its own body. That means that the&...

Vondrák, Jiří , Sedlaříková, Marie , Macalík, Michal , Velická, Jana
Capacity of a glassy carbon electrode in propylene carbonate based electrolytes

The capacity of glassy carbon in aprotic salt solutions in propylene carbonate (PC) is investigated as an approach to the optimalisation of electrochemical supercapacitors. The strong influence of water residuum on capacities at negative potentials is indicated. The capacities exhibit a shal...

Vondrák, Jiří , Sedlaříková, Marie , Macalík, Michal , Velická, Jana
Metal deposition in absence of convective mass transport in polymer gel electrolytes: a model of lithium anode in batteries

The depletion of PMMA gel polymer electrode containing a binary electrolyte (cadmium perchlorate Cd(ClO4)2 in propylene carbonate PC) has been investigated. Impedance spectra were measured before and after recording a voltammogram of cadmium electrodeposition. The increase of electrolyte resistance, o...

Soukup, Radek
Optimization of Printed Circuit board design assembly based on DPMO metrics

The paper deals with optimization of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) design based on defects per million opportunities (DPMO) metric. Due to DPMO data predictions for a given new PCBA design is possible to optimize its layout in terms of yield and quality even before...