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dc.contributor.authorScharfenberg, Georg
dc.contributor.authorElis, Luděk
dc.contributor.authorHofmann, Gerhard
dc.contributor.editorPinker, Jiří
dc.identifier.citation2019 International Conference on Applied Electronics: Pilsen, 10th – 11th September 2019, Czech Republic, p. 141-146.en
dc.identifier.isbn978–80–261–0812–2 (Online)
dc.identifier.isbn978–80–261–0813–9 (Print)
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dc.titleNew Design Methodology – Using VHDL-AMS Models to Consider Aging Effects in Automotive Mechatronic Circuits for Safety Relevant Functionsen
dc.typekonferenční příspěvekcs
dc.description.abstract-translatedIn this paper a design method for mechatronic functions in an early design phase under consideration of the requirements of functional safety is proposed [14]. The goal of the method is to discover threats for the safety goals and to prove or optimize the diagnostic mechanisms. At the current design process a lifetime endurance test is performed in a late project phase. In order to avoid unexpected late design changes the method should be applied in an early design phase. The method is an additional way to avoid design failures for E/E functions with special focus on aging in the field of functional safety applications. The method is developed out of three standards VDI 2221 methodology for development and construction of technical systems and products [1]), VDI 2206 design methodology for mechatronic systems [2] and the ISO 26262 road vehicles - Functional Safety [3] by using the V-Model. Furthermore, a core element of the design method is simulating aging effects by applying VHDL – AMS. To demonstrate the design methodology a sensor out of the EGAS function is chosen as a safety relevant automotive system. The limitation is the availability of aging data for electrical components.en
dc.subject.translatedfunctional safetyen
dc.subject.translatedmechatronic design methoden
dc.subject.translatedresistor agingen
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Applied Electronics 2019
Applied Electronics 2019

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