Katedra tělesné a sportovní výchovy / Department of Physical and Sports Education


Recent Submissions

Kovács, Peter
Vliv termoregulace těla na adaptivní procesy koordinace ruka-oko

The following result is obtained with the analytical methods used in this work. The hypothesis "The thermoregulation of people who are active in sports has positive, adaptive effects on fine motor performance" is rejected. The background to this is that not only the peopl...

Hes, Martin
Úrazy dolních končetin, jejich prevence a terapie s využitím excentrické kontrakce u profesionálních hráčů fotbalu

The diploma thesis is focused on the use of eccentric muscle contraction in the prevention and therapy of the injuries in the lower limbs at professional football players. The theoretical part is focused on the determination of the main terms, the classification and the epidem...

Stammen, David Wilhelm
Tréninkové intervence a jejich chronický efekt na centrální a periferní arteriální tlak krve

This work deals with the influence of structured training methods on the central blood pressure. For this purpose, a systematic literature search was carried out in four databases, which generated a total of 505 hits. Finally, 16 randomized controlled trials were included according ...

Müllerová, Radka
Pohybová aktivita v prevenci dysmenorey

This diploma thesis occupies with the problematics of painful menstruation - dysmenorrhea. Primarily, it is focused on its prevention. The aim is to develop a movement program for women suffering from dysmenorrhea and then provide the evaluation of its efficacy. The thesis uses a&#...

Chodorová, Aneta
Kompenzační a preventivní cvičení pro rekreační sportovce střední dospělosti s využitím TRX

The thesis aims to create a compensatory and preventive exercise program for recreational athletes of middle adulthood using the TRX system. The theoretical part deals with descriptions of topics such as characteristics of middle adulthood, recreational sport, compensatory and preventive exercise...