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Recent Submissions

Zahradníková, Michaela
Postupné vlny pro bistabilní a monostabilní Fisher-Kolmogorovu rovnici s nespojitou difuzí závislou na hustotě

This thesis is devoted to the travelling wave solutions of the generalized Fisher-Kolmogorov equation with discontinuous density dependent diffusion that can degenerate or have singularities at equilibrium points. The reaction term is either bistable or monostable and it is a continuous, pos...

Müller, Luděk
Detekce hudby a řeči v rozhlasových nahrávkách

This thesis aims to design and experimentally test a new optimal method of a voice-activity-detector, which should add successfully solve the task of automatically determining the beginnings and ends of radio broadcasts programs for the purpose of their seamless display on the&#x...

Honzík, Tomáš
Kvasinkové systémy pro programovatelnou degradaci proteinů

The design of multicellular biological yeast circuits usually relies on pheromone signaling. It is well established to use natural mating signaling as a~backbone of the information transmission from one cell to another. Such designs typically use an activated form of the transcription f...

Malina, Milan
Návrh, realizace a automatické řízení prototypu bezpilotního letounu

The master's thesis Design, assembly and automatic control of unmanned aerial vehicle prototype is divided into eight sections. First, construction of a mode aircraft is described. Second, the development of avionics components of this aircraft is described. That is followed ...

Kouba, Přemysl
Nové komunikační rozhraní pro služby DCIx

The main topic of this master's thesis is a proposal for a new communication interface for system services of the application DCIx created by the AIMTEC a.s. Part of the thesis is research of accessible technologies for monitoring. However, none of the researched technologies&#...