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Recent Submissions

Jašek, Filip
Analýza systémů pro udržení vozidla v jízdním pruhu

This bachelor's thesis aims to analyze systems that can be used for vehicle lane-keeping based on the visual sensor - a camera. The analysis consists of a general introduction to the topic, presentation of individual approaches, their weaknesses and relevant simulators and datasets....

Müller, Luděk
Detekce hudby a řeči v rozhlasových nahrávkách

This thesis aims to design and experimentally test a new optimal method of a voice-activity-detector, which should add successfully solve the task of automatically determining the beginnings and ends of radio broadcasts programs for the purpose of their seamless display on the&#x...

Honzík, Tomáš
Kvasinkové systémy pro programovatelnou degradaci proteinů

The design of multicellular biological yeast circuits usually relies on pheromone signaling. It is well established to use natural mating signaling as a~backbone of the information transmission from one cell to another. Such designs typically use an activated form of the transcription f...

Malina, Milan
Návrh, realizace a automatické řízení prototypu bezpilotního letounu

The master's thesis Design, assembly and automatic control of unmanned aerial vehicle prototype is divided into eight sections. First, construction of a mode aircraft is described. Second, the development of avionics components of this aircraft is described. That is followed ...

Stránský, Martin
Neuronové sítě pro klasifikaci audio signálu

The aim of this thesis is to cover both the necessary fundamentals of the neural networks and how can they can be used in the real application in the field of audio signal processing. In the first part, the fundamentals of deep learning are covered, the t...