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Vlk, Lukáš , Vránová, Miroslava , Mach, Tomáš
Das Erbbaurecht in der tschechischen Rechtsordnung

The article deals with the legal regulation of ground leases in the Czech Republic, where this issue has returned to the legal system after more than half a century. The article identifies gaps in the positive legal regulation and discusses its expected development of interpre...

Mifek, Jan
Předpoklady rozvodu manželství

The article deals with divorce as a classic way of dissolving a marriage under the Civil Code. It is devoted to analysing the statutory provisions governing divorce, whether it be "contested" divorce or "indisputable" divorce. In addition to his theoretical analysis, he&#...

Byszowiec, Marián
Proces s Vedením protistátního spikleneckého centra se zaměřením na otázky zákonnosti přípravného řízení

The article deals with political processes in Czechoslovakia, specifically the process with the Leadership of the Anti-State Conspiracy Center headed by Rudolf Slánský, more precisely with selected questions of procedural criminal law, according to the valid and effective legislation in the ...

Koutenský, Otakar
Exekuce prodejem movitých věcí zatížených zástavním právem nebo zajišťovacím převodem práva

The article deals with the analysis of the current state of legal regulation of the right of lien and the security transfer of the right in execution by sale of movable property. The article explains the fundamental differences in the sale of movable property encumbered b...

Vodičková, Eva
Vývoj institutu úpadkového práva a jeho povaha

In the field of insolvency law is being fundamentally discussed the amendments. No other topic has so far been the subject of so many and significant changes as the bankruptcy law institute. After the fundamental novels, it was always possible to call for a new, fundament...