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Recent Submissions

Maisnerová, Katarína
Issue of execution costs in 2022

Execution costs are a much-discussed topic in society. On the one hand, this fact appears to be a logical consequence of the "inconvenience" of execution proceedings for the obligee or entitled party, who in some cases not only do not satisfy their claim, but also&#x...

Novotný, Jiří
Bankovní obchody ve světle šesté směrnice AML

On 20 July 2021, the European Commission presented an ambitious package of legislative proposals to strengthen the EU‘s anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) rules. The package includes not only a proposal for the creation of a new EU anti-money&...

Dvořák, Tomáš
Některé otázky právní úpravy společných částí nemovitosti v bytovém spoluvlastnictví podle občanského zákoníku v České republice

This article deals with some issues of legal regulation of common parts of divided real estate. Due to the extensiveness and complexity of this matter, attention is focused only on some issues of their regulation, namely on the concept of common parts, co-ownership of common&#...

Novotný, Jiří
Zánik zástavního práva v trestním řízení

The paper deals with the issue of the termination of the lien in criminal proceedings. A lien is a frequently used means of security, due to the advantages of its material nature. The substantive nature of the lien lies in the fact that it fundamentally follows the&#...

Papež, Petr
Liniové stavby a koupě či darování nemovité věci

Line structures are beneficial for society as a whole – they bring electricity, water, gas, the internet and various goods (and also people) into our households, across city limits or country borders. Without a sufficient network of line structures the collapse of the modern w...