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Recent Submissions

Vodičková, Eva
Vývoj institutu úpadkového práva a jeho povaha

In the field of insolvency law is being fundamentally discussed the amendments. No other topic has so far been the subject of so many and significant changes as the bankruptcy law institute. After the fundamental novels, it was always possible to call for a new, fundament...

Vodičková, Eva
Neplatnost a neúčinnost právních jednání v insolvenčním řízení se zřetelem k soudobým judikaturním trendům

The article deals with the analysis of individual statutory provisions regulating the nullity and ineffectiveness of legal proceedings in insolvency proceedings, the analysis of the prerequisites of these legal institutes and their requirements. Due to this specific focus, the topic also dea...

Plch, Martin
Proč vyjít z řady a uzavřít dědickou smlouvu?

The article describes one of the inheritance titles, which is almost unused in practice, namely the contract of inheritance. The purpose of the article is to briefly describe the basic characteristics of this inheritance title, its advantages and disadvantages, and on the basis of&...

Papež, Petr
Liniové stavby a střet exekučního a insolvenčního řízení

Line structures are an important part of modern society. Line structures enable the flow of water, electricity, gas, traffic, internet, transportation of goods and people and without them the life as we know it would seize to exist. Line structures are very specific in their&#...

Bernardinová, Veronika
Dopady aktuální judikatury Nejvyššího soudu na práva a povinnosti stran smlouvy o dílo

The author presents selected jurisprudence of the Supreme court which is falling into the rights and obligations of the parties of contract for work, discusses its basic factual and legal basic and outlines possible solutions to questinable issues of application practice.