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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of beading parameters on cross-linked chitosan adsorptive propertiesVakili, Mohammadtaghi; Mojiri, Amin; Zwain, Haider M.; Yuan, Jing; Giwa, Abdulmoseen Segun; Wang, Wei; Gholami, Fatemeh; Guo, Xiaogang; Cagnetta, Giovanni; Yu, Gang
2020Effective Adsorption of Reactive Black 5 onto Hybrid Hexadecylamine Impregnated Chitosan-Powdered Activated Carbon BeadsVakili, Mohammadtaghi; Zwain, Haider M.; Mojiri, Amin; Wang, Wei; Gholami, Fatemeh; Gholami, Zahra; Giwa, Abdulmoseen Segun; Wang, Baozhen; Cagnetta, Giovanni; Salamatinia, Babak
2022Production of Light Olefins via Fischer-Tropsch Process Using Iron-Based Catalysts: A ReviewGholami, Zahra; Gholami, Fatemeh; Tišler, Zdeněk; Hubáček, Jan; Tomáš, Martin; Bačiak, Miroslav; Vakili, Mohammadtaghi
2020Promotional Effect of Manganese on Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO by CO in the Presence of Excess O-2 over M@La-Fe/AC (M = Mn, Ce) CatalystGholami, Fatemeh; Gholami, Zahra; Tomáš, Martin; Vavruňková, Veronika; Mirzaei, Somayeh; Vakili, Mohammadtaghi
2023Removal of GenX by APTES functionalized diepoxyoctane cross-linked chitosan beadsVakili, Mohammadtaghi; Gholami, Fatemeh; Zwain, Haider M.; Wang, Wei; Mojiri, Amin; Tomáš, Martin; Cagnetta, Giovanni; Gholizadeh, Reza; Dastyar, Wafa; Gholami, Zahra
2021A Review on Production of Light Olefins via Fluid Catalytic CrackingGholami, Zahra; Gholami, Fatemeh; Tišler, Zdeněk; Tomáš, Martin; Vakili, Mohammadtaghi
2021A Review on the Production of Light Olefins Using Steam Cracking of HydrocarbonsGholami, Zahra; Gholami, Fatemeh; Tišler, Zdeněk; Vakili, Mohammadtaghi
2020Surface Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials Using Inverse Gas Chromatography: A ReviewGholami, Fatemeh; Tomáš, Martin; Gholami, Zahra; Mirzaei, Somayeh; Vakili, Mohammadtaghi
2020Technologies for the nitrogen oxides reduction from flue gas: A reviewGholami, Fatemeh; Tomáš, Martin; Gholami, Zahra; Vakili, Mohammadtaghi