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Stříhavka, Vojtěch
Veřejný prostor jako institut správního práva

The thesis deals with the institution of public space. It focuses on the definition of the concept itself, the relevant legal regulation, case law and professional literature. The thesis defines the concept itself and justifies its position in the legal system of the Czech Rep...

Vaverová, Simona
Vyvlastnění za účelem urychlení výstavby dopravní infrastruktury

The subject of the thesis is the issue of expropriation related to accelerating the construction of transport infrastructure. The legal regulation of expropriation is not comprehensive, and so this thesis deals with the general regulation of expropriation under Act No. 184/2006 Coll.,&#...

Rezková, Lucie
Změny služebního poměru státních zaměstnanců

The topic of this diploma thesis is Changes in the service relationship of state employees. The aim was to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the changes in the service relationship of state employees and to compare it with the changes in the service relationship of&#x...

Votýpková, Tereza
Trestněprávní zásady v řízení o přestupcích

The thesis "Criminal Law Principles in Misdemeanour Proceedings" focuses on the analysis and evaluation of criminal law principles within the Czech legal system. The thesis describes the current legal regulation of misdemeanour law in the Czech Republic and defines the concepts and...

Vacíková, Petra
Zánik oprávnění k řízení motorových vozidel

The thesis focuses on the termination of the authorisation to drive motor vehicles, and is divided into five chapters. In the first and second chapter, the current and historical legal regulation of this area is discussed, together with an explanation of the basic concepts and...

Veselý, David
Nejvyšší kontrolní úřad

This diploma thesis examines the status, scope and performance of control of the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic. The conclusion of the thesis contains an analysis of the most recent attempts to amend the current legal framework of the Supreme Audit Office.

Skála, Jiří
Vkladové řízení

This thesis deals with registration proceedings for the land registry with a focus on the actual submission of an application for registration in the land registry. In connection with an application, it also deals with output from the land registry and with some rights that&#x...

Prusík, Tomáš
Vydávání mimořádných opatření během pandemie COVID-19 a jejich soudní přezkum

The diploma thesis deals with emergency and crisis measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. The work is divided into 5 chapters. The first chapter describes which restrictions were adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the second chapter, I present the main legal regulations that ...

Rampulová, Markéta
Veřejnoprávní omezení majetkových práv

The subject of the diploma thesis is public law limitations upon property rights. In the beginning of the thesis, the basic concepts that are the starting point for the given topic are discussed. Due to the scope of the matter, the thesis is focused only on a li...

Pešek, Matěj
Ochranná pásma ve vodním hospodářství

The thesis is about protective zones in water management. Firstly, it deals with the public interest, water and ownership, and protective zones in a general sense. Subsequently, protective zones for water resources, waterworks, water supply systems, sewage systems, natural healing resources, ...

Piškule, Karel
Veřejné užívání lesa

This diploma thesis analyzes the public use of forests and the legislative anchoring in the administrative law of the Czech Republic. At the same time, this thesis aims to analyze the current legal situation and evaluate its shortcomings and the possibilities of improving the ...

Novák, Tomáš
Řízení o správním vyhoštění

The thesis focuses on administrative expulsion proceeding. Its aim is to give a comprehensive interpretation of the administrative expulsion proceeding and to analyze its legal regulation. It discusses the term of expulsion, and administrative expulsion. It also defines the reasons leading t...

Ryška, Jakub
Státní symboly České republiky a jejich užívání

Diploma thesis is focusing on problematics of the national symbols of the Czech republic. Thesis in its first part is about clarification and charakteristic of concepts connected to national symbolism, like the difference between national and non-national symbols. The second part is foc...

Mrkvová, Barbora
Svoboda pohybu v právu životního prostředí

This diploma thesis discusses the topic of freedom of movement and residence in environmental law and possible restrictions of these guaranteed freedoms due to environmental protection. The thesis is focused exclusively on the terrestrial environment, specifically on the forests, caves and i...

Kurka, Dominik
Veřejnoprávní omezení vlastnického práva podle č. 11 odst. 3 Listiny

The diploma thesis is focused on the public law limitations of property rights according to Article 11, paragraph 3). In the introduction, public law limitations of property rights are defined in general in connection with the Water Act, the Nature and Landscape Protection Act,...

Kuneš, Vojtěch
Pravidla ukládání správních trestů

The main objective of this work is to introduce and critically evaluate the current legal framework for imposing administrative sanctions in misdemeanor law. A partial objective of this work is to highlight the institutes of criminal law that the legislature drew inspiration from w...

Kuneš, Patrik
Žaloba proti nezákonnému zásahu

The thesis focuses on proceedings for protection against unlawful interference by an administrative authority. An action against unlawful interference is generally subsidiary to other types of proceedings. This does not mean, of course, that this type of proceeding is less important. An ...

Kalita, Maryja
Disciplinární odpovědnost státních zaměstnanců

The diploma thesis deals with the topic of disciplinary liability of civil servants, as regulated by the Civil Service Act (No. 234/2014 Coll.) with regard to the Methodological Instruction of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for the Civil Service No. 3/2016, which det...

Hanzlíčková, Kateřina
Vyvlastnění za účelem stavby pozemních komunikací

The topic of the thesis is "Expropriation for the Construction of Road Traffics", and its aim is to familiarize the reader with the issue of expropriation and the expropriation procedure. The main legal basis for expropriation are two laws, namely the Expropriation Act an...

Honzíková, Petra
Právní úprava zvláštní územní ochrany přírody a krajiny

This thesis deals with the legal regulation of special territorial protection of nature and landscape. It is divided into ten chapters, the first of which focuses on the general definition of nature and landscape protection law and the subsequent definition of special territorial p...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 307