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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effects of Cooling Rate on the volume fraction of retained austenite in high-strenght MN-SI steelsBublíková, Dagmar; Jirková, Hana; Rubešová, Kateřina; Peković, Michal; Volkmannová, Julie; Graf, Marcel
2020Microstructural Evolution in 42SiCr Steel in a High-Temperature Chamber Under Microscope ObjectivePeković, Michal; Jirková, Hana; Rubešová, Kateřina; Janda, Tomáš; Bureš, Radovan
2019Observation of phase transformations in high-temperature chamber under microscope objective lensPeković, Michal; Opatová, Kateřina; Rubešová, Kateřina; Janda, Tomáš; Jirková, Hana; Bureš, Radovan
2020The Role of Expanded Polystyrene and Geocell in Enhancing the Behavior of Buried HDPE Pipes under Trench Loading Using Numerical AnalysesKhalaj, Omid; Azizian, Mehran; Darabi, Naser Joz; Tafreshi, Seyed Naser Moghaddas; Jirková, Hana
2020Use of Thixoforming as a Manufacturing Method for Metallic CompositesAtay, Hüsnügül Yilmaz; Aišman, David; Jirková, Hana; Behulová, Mária; Mašek, Bohuslav
2020The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Behavior of Fe-Cr-Al based OPH AlloyKhalaj, Omid; Jirková, Hana; Stehlík, Adam; Volkmannová, Julie; Svoboda, Jiří
2021Potential role of machine learning techniques for modeling the hardness of OPH steelsKhalaj, Omid; Ghobadi, Moslem; Zarezadeh, Alireza; Saebnoori, Ehsan; Jirková, Hana; Chocholatý, Ondřej; Svoboda, Jiří
2020Effects of Deformation on the Behaviour of Chromium Carbides in Tool Steel Studied by Use of Semi-Solid FormingRubešová, Kateřina; Peković, Michal; Jirková, Hana; Bystrianský, Martin
2021High-strength steel components produced by hot metal gas formingJirková, Hana; Jeníček, Štěpán; Kučerová, Ludmila; Kurka, Petr
2020Influence of chemical composition and parameters of heat treatment on the mechanical properties and microstructure of TRIP steelsBublíková, Dagmar; Jirková, Hana; Jeníček, Štěpán; Vrtáček, Jiří