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Vaňková, Tereza , Zemčík, Robert , Kroupa, Tomáš , Krystek, Jan
Výroba hybridního kompozitu s termoplastickou matricí a aramid-uhlíkovou tkaninou

Kaňáková, Sandra , Krystek, Jan , Heczko, Jan
Vliv zvýšené teploty na mechanické vlastnosti polymerních pěn

Heidler, Václav , Pecka, Aleš , Bublík, Ondřej , Vimmr, Jan
Neural network prediction of the flow field in a periodic domain with hypernetwork parametrization

This paper is concerned with fast flow field prediction in a blade cascade for variable blade shapes as well as variable Reynolds number using the machine-learning architecture called convolutional neural network. To generate flow field for a specific Reynolds number, an encoder-decoder ...

Polach, Pavel , Hajžman, Michal , Bulín, Radek
Modelling of dynamic behaviour of fibres and cables

In this paper there are presented some possible approaches suitable for the modelling of the fibre and cable dynamics in the framework of various mechanical systems: force representation of a fibre, a pointmass model and an absolute nodal coordinate formulation. Experimental measurements...

Smolík, Luboš , Houdek, Václav , Hyrát, Jan
Komplexní výpočtové modelování kluzných ložisek s naklápěcími segmenty

Tilting pad bearings can be found in rotating machinery with high circumferential speeds of journals. Vibrations of individual pads are usually neglected in rotordynamics simulations and hydrodynamic forces acting in oil films are often linearized. A computational model which respect...

Lobovský, Libor , Marešová, Michaela , Mandys, Tomáš , Hluchá, Jana , Salášek, Martin , Weisová, Drahomíra , Pavelka, Tomáš , Křen, Jiří
Experimental and computational study on mechanical stabilisation of sacral bone injuries

The experimental study focuses on minimally invasive fixation techniques of linear sacral fractures and its results are utilised for development and validation of the related computational model. The model is extended for analysis of unstable pelvic ring injuries with spinopelvic dissociation...

Zemčík, Robert , Vaňková, Tereza , Kroupa, Tomáš
Strength analysis of fiber roving for modelling of hybrid carbon-aramid textile composite

This work focuses on the multiscale modeling of composites made of layers consisting of hybrid fabric reinforcement and polymer matrix. The fabric (HP-P167AC) is a plain-weave textile with carbon (3K, 200 tex) and aramid (Kevlar 49, 158 tex) tows each placed in single direction...

Mandys, Tomáš , Kroupa, Tomáš , Laš, Vladislav
Numerical Simulation of the Low-velocity Impact on the Woven Composite Plate by Usage of Hyperplastic Material Model with Damage

The work is aimed to the numerical modeling of low-velocity impact and validation of the hyperplastic material model with damage designed by authors for modeling of woven composites and implemented into commercial FEM software Abaqus. The woven composite plates were subjected to the...

Šulda, J. , Kroft, R. , Adámek, V.
Identification of dispersion and attenuation curves of thin non-prismatic heterogeneous viscoelastic rods

Smolík, L. , Bulín, R. , Hajžman, M. , Byrtus, M. , Rendl, J.
Vibration analysis of a vertical rotor immersed in fluid at extreme operating temperatures

Rohan, E. , Moravcová, F.
Analytical and numerical methods for modelling of acoustic streaming in homogenized rigid porous structures

Rohan, E. , Heczko, J.
Homogenization based two-scale modelling of unilateral contact in micropores of fluid saturated porous media

Lukeš, V. , Rohan, E.
Two-scale numerical simulation of acoustic transmission in interaction with flow

Houdek, V. , Verlinden, O. , Hajžman, M.
Non-uniform quaternion spline interpolation in vehicle kinematics

Hajžman, M. , Polach, P. , Polcar, P.
Multibody dynamics simulations of the railway vehicle for heavy loads transport

Dyk, Š. , Rendl, J. , Bulín, R. , Smolík, L.
Local phenomena in tilting-pad journal bearing’s pivot

Dupal, J.
Periodical solution of n-DOF parametric system vibration

Bublík, O.
Solution of incompressible viscid fluid flow using a physical informed neural network

Bělohoubek, M. , Hajžman, M. , Vimmr, J.
Assessment of various computational approaches for airfoil stability analysis with two degrees of freedom

Byrtus, Miroslav , Dyk, Štěpán , Hajžman, Michal
Non-synchronous vibration and lock-in regimes in coupled structures using reduced models

The contribution is aimed at phenomenological modelling and analysis of fundamental properties of non-synchronous vibrations in chosen coupled structures. A van der Pol reduced-order model is employed to simulate the aero-elastic interaction between flexible bodies and fluid. Non-synchronous vibration ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 92